Ever wondered what Codemotion is?

Well, we suggest that you participate at one of their events and check it out for yourself, because words won’t do it justice.

Plus, there will be the perfect occasion soon in Rome!

Codemotion is the biggest technical conference in Europe where workshops, talks, labs, activities, hackathons and meetings take place: a productive, exciting and tech environment to deepen innovation and strengthen a network.

In a digital context, Rome is also an innovative capital city where you can find many tech events: once again Codemotion (one of the biggest tech conferences in Italy and one of the most important ones in Europe) is organizing its Codemotion festival, attended by geeks, professionals & tech lovers to code together on the front line of innovation.

From conferences to workshops, meetings and activities, the 2015 edition will take place from March 27th to 28th at Roma Tre University (Engineering Department), and Neomobile will definitely be there!

Come and meet us at Neomobile’s desk, and don’t forget to bring your CV.

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Save the date and get ready to innovate!