Neomobile’s 2014 Talents Outdoor Event in Circeo, Italy


Neomobile celebrates its most important asset, talented employees, at an exclusive event in Circeo,Italy

Every company has its own milestones- those unique occasions when commitment meets success and goals become reality. The history and life at Neomobile is made by people, because they’re the ones that make it all possible every day.

In 2011, Neomobile began a yearly event to reward this inestimable asset. The company selects talented employees worldwide that show the most potential and organizes a special outdoor session where they are challenged in a different environment.

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At the end of May, about 40 Neomobilers from our offices worldwide gathered in the beautiful town of Circeo, Italy on the Tyrrhenian Sea to participate in a two-day event full of activities like indoor team work, training, competitions and sports. Following our tradition, Neomobile’s CEO Gianluca D’Agostino rolled out the event with a striking welcome speech, underlining the importance of this experience for our company: in Neomobile training and developing our talents is a commitment and a privilege.

After this input, the participants were put to the test: our speakers invited the audience to think out of the box, fighting against the clichés, in order to start creating, exploring, collecting and supporting new ideas. It became a game of mutual collaboration and convergence. On the second day the groups finalized their presentations about their outcomes – relaxed moments by the sea and nature were also part of the session!

During these trainings, Neomobile’s Leadership team – composed by our Top Management and Executive Directors – observed the entire session with the support of our corporate coach, Mauro Cuomo, observing all candidates and their assets.

Once again, the Talents Outdoor event has definitely been an amazing occasion to work with people from different business areas and to stay close to our managers and directors, increasing mutual relationships. 360° team spirit!

By the way, you can read more about our Coach Mauro Cuomo, his collaboration with Steve Jobs and his time spent in Cupertino in 1985 here.

(watch the video in the article: it was Cuomo himself getting off that helicopter with him!).