As the ancient Romans used to say, “mens sana in corpore sano,” and we took their word for it!

In fact, on June, 24th the Neomobile Sporting Club organized the first Neo Sporting Day in Rome, an occasion to gather some colleagues after work in a sporting club near our HQ, play football, share some brand new gadgets like t-shirts and pins, and enjoy a nice aperitif.

How did the event go? Well, let’s take a step back: the whole organization started one month before, when many Neomobilers from different teams (Tech, People, Media, Corporate Communication, and Finance), managed all the organizational aspects according to Agile methodology to make that day fun and nice for everyone. From the location to the catering and the football teams, we didn’t leave anything to chance!

The football players were around twenty men and women. By the way, our CEO Claudio Rossi also participated! The supporters were many, so we divided the players into three balanced groups, each one with a different color and name (superheroe theme!)

Before, during, and after the match our colleagues-fans shared pictures and videos using the official hashtag #neosportingday and also filmed through the trending social Periscope (this is our official account @Neomobile_Group), just to socialize it on the web. Finally, after 1 hour and a half, the verdict popped up during the closing ‘ceremony’: the Spider Man team beat the others and won the cup!

The most important thing to highlight is that all the people had loads of fun and showed lots of team spirit, competition, and sport, in a real Neomobile Sporting Club atmosphere. Stay tuned for more sports news from our Sporting Club!