MWC14: Neomobile Values Continuous Learning


Continuous Learning at Mobile World Congress 2014 

We keep learning from other people, team members, managers, colleagues, day-by-day work, customers, competitors, and from other businesses to improve our abilities, skills, processes, quality and speed. Continuous improvement is the key to Neomobile’s success.

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If you aren’t learning, you aren’t growing!

This is true in most areas of your life. The mobile industry is no exception as it is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Understanding the mobile industry requires everyone involved to constantly be reading up on new trends and markets.

One way Neomobile invests in their employees’ continuous learning is by sending them to events and fairs that allow them to network and learn about everything mobile. These types of events provide a great learning experience on how to maintain your relationship with partners & clients and see trends that are flourishing in the market.

Neomobile has always believed in the importance of sending both their most and less experienced employees to Mobile World Congress (MWC), the biggest mobile event of the year, as part of its commitment to continuous learning.

It’s a mobile world; you’re just living in it

As soon as our Neomobilers get to MWC, they often find that the mobile universe is too large to fit in a single conference. The mobile industry consists of app developers, phone carriers, merchants, mobile service providers, OS platform developers, and experts in mobile monetization like Neomobile. Most businesses only cover a small sector of the mobile industry.

In a way, the mobile industry is a sort of ecosystem where all the characters meet, greet, and can potentially work together to create great projects. Neomobile believes that by understanding everyone’s position in the mobile universe, you can create innovative projects with other sectors.

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Most importantly, being able to create innovative projects in the mobile industry usually means that you are on the road to becoming an industry leader.

Creating Industry Leaders

Our many years of experience has lead our company to understand how the mobile industry works all over the world. By sending our employees to MWC, our employees grow aware of the latest markets and trends. They also meet people from all over the world, helping them build connections with potential clients and understand different market challenges that are being faced in different regions.

This week, our Neomobilers are busy running around #MWC14 meeting mobile enthusiasts from around the world. To learn more about what they are doing, follow our official twitter account: @Neomobile_Group

Stay tuned for our upcoming article that will highlight our time at Mobile World Congress 2014.