Looking for a job? Find it in the mobile industry!


Finding a job is not as easy as it was in the past, especially for young people in Italy nowadays.

Nevertheless there are some industries that might create new opportunities and new assets for the country’s economy: one of those is the mobile industry.

Among growing industries, there is the digital one

Some interesting developing industries are biotechnology, telemedicine, photovoltaics, e-commerce and the digital. A research on “Markets and New Digital Consumer Internet” conducted by the School of Management of Politecnico di Milano foretell well for digital fans and new generations that are born in the digital age. In the next three years in Italy there should be a real explosion in the spread of Smartphone, Tablet and Internet TV. The Politecnico estimates that in 2012 on the Italian market there will be more than 32 million Smartphones, 2.5 million of Internet TV and 2.9 million Tablets that respectively will grow to nearly 50 million, 11 million and 12 million during 2015. In 2012 only the Italian market grew by 14% compared to last year, with a market value in the industry of more than 16 billion euro.

Neomobile, innovation and development: all the hits of 2012!

It is no coincidence that the Italian companies in the technology sector with the strongest growth over the last 5 years awarded by Deloitte Technology Fast 500th belong to the fields of renewable energy, telematics solutions for companies, e-commerce and web marketing, mobile entertainment and mobile payment. This year the “freshman” Neomobile, founded only five years ago, has joined the Italian Elite of prestigious companies awarded by Deloitte. 2012 was a successful year for Neomobile that despite the unfavorable economic and financial crisis, has shown enthusiasm, energy and strength to compete and to establish itself nationally and internationally. In addition to the recognition of Deloitte, Neomobile was also a finalist in the Pay by Mobile ranking at ME Awards, and finalist in the Most Effective Mobile Payment Solution ranking at the Effective Mobile Marketing Awards and, last but not least, winner of the GP Bullhound Media Momentum Award as one of the 10 European digital companies fastest growth.

Finding work in Neomobile

To continue along this virtuous path of innovation and development, Neomobile is always looking for young people that are motivated and enterprising, enthusiast about mobile and interested in an international career.

If you find it appealing, give a look to all our job openings in the HR Neomobile website or on the @NeomobileJobs Twitter channel.