Neomobile on the road: 3 job events, 1 unique company!


Jobs in Italy: Neomobile Recruits in Rome, Milan, and Parma!

The Mobile marketplace represents a dynamic and vivid scenario that offers a lot of occasions to grow a professional career; therefor almost useless to say that it attracts a lot of talented young people. That’s why Neomobile makes sure it covers the recruitment process at 360°: virtually or in-person, the search for talents out there never stops.

Have you spotted Neomobile’s corner? We’re also easy recognizable with our red t-shirts!

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In the past weeks, Neomobile has participated in three job recruitment events in Italy: the Job Meeting fair on May 29th in Rome, the Best stage event on June 4th in Milan and we also participated in a simulation of an assessment center in Parma, the same day.

Three different places but a clear fil rouge: meeting job seekers and young professionals and showing our company and our vacancies during the round tables and the interviews with the candidates. And each event shows us that the target is very broad.

In Rome, the audience was diverse and the average age of the candidates was about 26/27 years old. They were mainly new graduates looking for a first job opportunity, but also several people that had several short work experiences. Some visited our stand alone, and some came with a buddy. A lot of people came in jacket and tie, but many also took the step to attend in a casual dress code, reinforcing  their self-esteem.

Neomobile received about 150 resumes that day, from standard ones to innovative ones (some even with a QR code included!), allowing us to guide the candidates’ job orientation through our corporate flow chart. And around us we saw people standing in line for over 1 hour, just to get the opportunity to talk with a company.

To increase your probabilities of catching a company’s attention, we just wanted to give some tips:

1. Time is money, so make sure you prepare a 20 second introduction to use with us and with any company’s recruiters. Be synthetic!

2. To be effective at a career fair, you need to be ready to make a good impression in person, and the CV is crucial: make sure it contains a link between your skills and interests and the employer’s needs. To obtain that link, make sure you know what the organization does. And if you have any doubts, just ask the recruiters!

3. As an international company, speaking many languages is an absolute plus for us, so our recruiters interviewed the candidates in English, Spanish or French to test their abilities: what we truly suggest to people who want to work in Neomobile is to constantly improve their languages skills, either with a basic course or try working or studying abroad. No English? No way!

In any case, there’s no reason for panic, because Neomobile also dedicates their search to talented interns.

That’s also what our HR partners confirmed during the round table in Milan organized on June 4th by Repubblica degli Stagisti (we are proud members of Rds network!), a celebration of their first 5 years of activities, where attendants also talked about the job crisis, stages opportunities and best practices.

The last event we attended was an interesting assessment center simulation organized by Fondazione Emblema that took place at the University of Parma, with the participation of our HR Senior Manager Enrica Lipari as a co-assessor. The day started with the occasion to talk about Neomobile and to illustrate our recruitment channels, and was followed by an Assessment Center, a technique used in the selection of candidates for a job. It was a first time for all of them, and it was great to observe how several candidates from different faculties and countries participated, were challenged and grew throughout the process. If you’re new to interviews, we highly recommend this technique to discover which of your personal strengths you can improve and which weaknesses you need to work on!

Finally, according to our recent post on the State of the Mobile and App Economy in Italy, the Mobile industry is showing an important growth in terms of value and new job positions, so don’t forget to follow us and check our news and vacancies! As mentioned above, meeting us is very easy: look for the job events we participate in, so you have the occasion to meet our colleagues and receive all the information about working at Neomobile.

Make sure our recruiters find you!