ICT field, in Italian context, is considered a strong and dynamic driver of growth for the labor market and for the general economy, especially because it gathers and attracts the most advanced companies and the best professionals of the network.

On December, 3rd our People Director Enrica Lipari attended the round table “IL MERCATO DEL LAVORO NEL MONDO DIGITAL / ICT: Driver di crescita per l’economia in Italia”, focused on IT professions in the Italian job context. The event, organized by Comunicazione Italiana in the Yahoo office in Milan, gathered dozens of HR managers and directors who discussed about job professions, recruiting, innovation and branding in the digital era.
What’s cooking in the ICT field? What are the 3 organizational pillars for ICT companies now?

Definitely transparency, flexibility and flat teams, with no more top down and hierarchical approach”, says Enrica, on which Neomobile’s Agile experience, brought by our Director there, stood out during the round table: “In Neo, the personal performance gives way to the team’s work where continuous feedbacks foster transparency and clarity of goals, needs and expectations: one Company, one team, in the same direction”.

How to build up this type of culture? Step by step, focusing on hiring first: in fact, Neomobile’s 2016 main strategy will be hiring since it is the strategical main process, as Laszlo Bock, People Operations at Google, says in his book. If a company invests in it, hiring more slowly and attracting the exceptional ones, rather than investing heavily in training or HR management, the return will be higher.

It is also true that in this rich industry matching supply with demand is not that easy, maybe because of an unclear vision and also because the best professionals are highly requested. So, how to attract the best and more aligned profiles out there? How to engage, rather than merely involve them?

In a nutshell, 3 are the main new points underlined:

  • mobile
  • employer branding
  • story telling

Since the age of broadcast is over, landing to a more authentic and democratic communication, companies in the digital&mobile industry have now a unique opportunity to pioneer new forms of storytelling, because technology is creating opportunities to change the way stories get created and shared”, Enrica concludes. Furthermore, employer brand storytelling is an effective strategy to attract, be different, and communicate a company’s face and reality. The point is that the job activity itself is not the only criteria considered!

In the end, changes are daily bread in IT, and they are never easy: it takes…courage and agility to face it without fear and heaviness! Ça va sans dire: AGILE embeds them all so it is the right way towards Change!


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