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Like many of our talented employees at Neomobile, Sara Lusi has grown as a professional and changed her role within the company. Today she works as a Marketing Specialist at our office in Germany. The following interview takes place during her previous role as a Marketing Jr Specialist. We hope you enjoy reading about her experience!

Neomobile continues being on the edge of success and recently launched a new office in Germany. This month, we’re talking about this experience through the eyes of one of the members of the local team, Sara Lusi.

Half German, half Italian, she lived between these two countries, and now she settled in as a Marketing Jr Specialist. What is it like to launch a new office and set up a new business? Curious about her story?

How did you end up at Neomobile?

[quote_box_center]It was a mind blowing coincidence. I was finishing my Masters Degree in Human Resource Management and Neomobile commissioned the final project work on employer branding. I went to the HQ in Rome to present our work. At that time, Neomobile was launching the German country and looking for a German speaking person for a Customer Acquisition position. I had no experience in this area, but I realized right away that this could be a great opportunity. A few months later, I was hired. It really was about being at the right place at the right moment.[/quote_box_center]

What is your role within the company?


I am in charge of the marketing strategy for the German market, the creation, execution, and optimization of mobile marketing campaigns as well as the monitoring of its effectiveness and outcomes in terms of KPI. Ensuring a positive ROI for our marketing activities goes hand in hand with scouting new mobile monetization opportunities and enhancing partnerships with Networks and Publishers.


From a personal point of view, you are half German and half Italian, and you lived both in Germany and in Italy, so you are a great example of internationality, dynamism and initiative. How much did your background help with your job?


I was born and raised in Germany but my parents were both Italians. I moved to Italy after graduating from High school to study at the University and to get to know the country of my roots.

People have always asked me if I felt more German or Italian and this question shook me every time. It was like hearing this kind of question: Who do you love more? Your mom or your dad? Or do you prefer listening to the Beatles or the Rolling Stones? It’s Nonsense. Life is no place for boundaries and neither is Neomobile.

Of course, knowing more languages and being ready to move helped me with my job, but the opposite is also true. My job helped and encouraged me to see my multi-identity as an added value, not like something unidentifiable. I truly believe that the more you are willing to challenge yourself, the more satisfaction you will get.


What do you love most about your job?


Neomobile is a very dynamic, multicultural and international workplace where you have the possibility to meet very passionate and talented people, exchange ideas with them, learn from them and grow together as a team. Every day you deal with people from different teams and different backgrounds and you have to find common ground because there is no place for lonely soldiers.

When things go wrong, you must take responsibility, roll up your sleeves and start over again. And when your strategy brings the expected results, you can say, “Hey, this was really well done.”


What is the most interesting project you have worked on?


There have been several exciting projects, but honestly, bringing our business in to a new market has been the real challenge here. The German market is a very mature one, with very competent players and strict rules. We started as very small team and which was an obstacle to overcome.

If I look at us today, I am so proud! We are growing day by day. We managed to open a legal entity and build up a dedicated team by helping and supporting each other. This is way more than only a job. It has been kind of mission. Now our little baby is growing and taking flight. Partners want to work with us, and our results are improving day by day. Of course, we still face challenges but we learned how to face them with time.[/quote_box_center]

How have you managed your relocation and the launch of the first Neomobile office in Germany? What kind of opportunities and challenges did you face?


When Neomobile proposed to move to Germany for the opening of our local office, I accepted immediately.

I still remember the big smile on my face when I came back to our room and told my colleagues. I moved one month later.

Now it’s still a work in progress as we are reinforcing our business relationships with Networks and Partners, opening ourselves to new mobile monetization opportunities as well as interfacing constantly with all the different actors of the mobile commerce sector. The opportunities for growing more and more are huge and we want to exploit them all.


What roles have your colleagues and managers played in your professional development?

[quote_box_center]They have been fundamental, the real key of the whole story. Colleagues turned into friends and teachers. The sharing of knowledge and best practices with marketers, the support and patience of my Business Operations colleagues in explaining the billing logics and revenue trends, the genius of the tech guys in translating our needs into codes and flow optimizations, the training and handovers of activities from all the horizontal teams to the countries to enlarge our skills, the talking and problem-solving well beyond our usual working hours, as well as making mistakes and learning from them. There would have been no development or growth without them.[/quote_box_center]

What is your take on the potential growth within the mobile commerce sector?


The potential and popularity of mobile devices is overwhelming, especially in the B2C sector. The speed, the ease and the convenience of being able to deal with every kind of product using e-commerce payment, conduct transactions using a mobile device and deal with a huge range of purposes, will increase the percentage of sales and interactions originated from mobile traffic. Mobile devices already play a significant role in the overall growth of the e-commerce sector as well as in the everyday life activities for all of us and this is a trend moving upwards.

Personally, I am very fascinated by the potential of social networks and sharing economy tools as well as the changes that may result from them in our social habits and customs. Of course there are also risks but in life nothing comes without trying something new.


What do you like about Neomobile and what would you recommend to people who want to work in our company?


You know, there is always big talk about getting yourself out of your comfort zone, and you may think it is only propaganda or empty words. Well, if you think that and you want to stay safe and comfortable, then Neomobile is not the place you want to work for. Because very soon, you’ll notice there is no comfort zone at all. Neomobile is a challenge and you need to be ready to take the risk. The good thing is that if you put yourself in the game you will be rewarded and you can become a totally different person.

That’s probably what I like the most, besides the opportunities of a fast growing market, new business opportunities and the possibility to be a part of one of the biggest revolutions on human behavior driven by tiny little devices, not knowing what will come next.



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