Get to know Luisa Porso, Neomobile’s Advertising Monetization Director in this exclusive interview

How do you transition from traditional to digital and mobile advertising? What does growing inside our Company mean? We asked these questions to another one our talented Neomobilers, Luisa Porso, our Advertising Monetization Director, working at Neomobile since 2008. Check out her interview and enjoy the read!

How did you end up at Neomobile?

[quote_box_center]In general, after my studies in Communication Science, I did a master’s degree in marketing and management, followed by an internship at Sony Computer. In 2007 I left that company to work in Zero9, a mobile media company, and at that time the mobile industry was just expanding. My experience there lasted about five months, and then I started looking for a new job: I saw a job post in Neomobile, a company that I had heard from a former colleague and Valentina Tranquilli, our ex Advertising Monetization Director, so I decided to send my CV. The job position was about managing our advertising on traditional media (press and TV), and given that I had previous experiences in that field, managing television promotions and commercials, plus I had just left the mobile sector, I was chosen. The first months in Neo were very intense. I worked between Rome and Milan, collaborating with the advertising agencies for promotions, and I worked on office activities, setting and stats when I was in the hotel or even in the taxi. I was always running from one activity to the other! We were booming, we were really building something innovative, expanding the mobile industry in Italy and abroad.[/quote_box_center]

What is your role within the company? How did it change during the years?

[quote_box_center]During my whole experience at Neomobile I had the opportunity to job-rotate from Media, to WAP and the whole Digital area, both Wap & Web, working on both marketing and media buying sides, as well as the customer acquisition part. Then, when Neomobile decided to locate our business in the various Countries, I became head of media buying, and now I am currently the Director of Adv Monetization at our HQ in Rome. Actually in all these years I’ve really had the unique chance to grow a lot and get to know our business from many perspectives![/quote_box_center]

What do you like the most about your job?

[quote_box_center]I just love digital communication, the launching and targeting of a project, and immediately seeing the results. This is priceless, with the immediate results you can quickly change, adapt, and experiment. The learning curve is very high and the improvement is continuous: every time you learn something new, you can really experience it all, it’s very challenging.[/quote_box_center]

Neomobile is a Learning Organization, always on the front line of the mobile market, supported and fostered by an Agile context: what does ‘learning’ mean in your experience?  

[quote_box_center]It means exactly the “permission to fail with kaizen”: you have to fail. You really need to have that chance. Errors are positive because they let you understand what’s wrong and what needs to change. Learning means asking questions, challenging ideas and assumptions, binge prepared for it and coming out in favor of it. For me, the Agile methodology has been a huge transformation. In 8 years here at Neomobile I have faced many changes but not like this. This time the Change is radical, cross-functional, and complete. We cooperate daily and manage our work in a lean and fluid way. Every path has its milestones, and this is Neomobile’s.  [/quote_box_center]

What is your take on the potential growth within the adv monetization sector?

[quote_box_center]Today with our partners we are pursuing a ‘tailored’ approach: we want to adapt our offer as much as possible. The more we can apply this model in an automated and simple way, the more success we will have.[/quote_box_center]

What do you like about Neomobile and what would you recommend to people who want to work at our company?

[quote_box_center]This company is made for people who really want to get involved and want to take responsibility from day 1. This is one of our strengths. At Neomobile we empower employees beyond their level of position. We really believe in people. Here a newcomer will find a real opportunity to “learn by doing.” We are looking for people ready to accept this challenge![/quote_box_center]

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