Editor’s Note: 

Like many of our talented employees at Neomobile, Kalúa Partipilo has grown as a professional and changed her role within the company. Today she works as a Graphic Designer for the Iberian Countries at our office in Madrid, Spain. The following interview takes place during her previous role as a Web Designer. We hope you enjoy reading about her experience!

This week we’re interviewing another one of our talented employees currently working at Neomobile’s office in Madrid, Spain. Meet Kalúa Partipilo and learn about her vision and experiences as our Web Designer.

This interview is also available in Italian and Spanish

How did you end up at Neomobile?

[quote_box_center]I found it on a website that helped search for positions in Spain, www.infojobs.net. I had been searching for a new job for about 2 months when HR contacted me from Rome for my first interview via Skype. That’s when I realised how big this opportunity was for me professionally.[/quote_box_center]

 What is your experience in the mobile phone sector?

[quote_box_center]Honestly, very little. that’s why this job caught my attention. Seeing that the mobile industry is very impressive and full of potential, now we can’t even leave home without our phones.It’s such an essential tool especially for work. The closest I had been to the industry was when I indirectly participated in a design for an astrology app for iPhone.[/quote_box_center]

What are some positve aspects of working for a company like Neomobile?

[quote_box_center]The fact that it’s a multinational company with about 17 different nationalities, is already a positive aspect because it allows for an exchange of all sorts of dialogue, not just work related stuff, but also cultural. The opportunity to work with so many people who I can learn from each day aside from practicing different languages, like English and Italian (my paternal language) These are my two second languages after Spanish.[/quote_box_center]

What is the most interesting project you have worked on so far?

[quote_box_center]Before Neomobile, I had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects with other companies. They included everything from audiovisual production to web design. I think that anywhere you find yourself working in a place where you feel like yourself, it’s a positive experience. At Neomobile, I am learning that every day is a distinct project that keeps you in a constant lookout for new ideas and provides numerous learning experiences that allow you to demonstrate your abilities and improve your skills.[/quote_box_center]

What do you like most about Neomobile?

[quote_box_center]I like the work environment and the principles behind the company: its vision, mission and values. What I found impressive was how kind and helpful all our colleagues are towards new colleagues by sharing their knowledge and experience, which to me is fundamental in order to feel comfortable working in any company.[/quote_box_center]

How do you see the future of mobile phones?

[quote_box_center]I believe mobile phones are a future in themselves. It’s a technology that has made great strides and that it is hard for us to keep up with the fact paced change it always undergoing. Each time it changes, it is for the better and makes us depend more on our phones and y with each new possibility being developed, our quality of life improves.[/quote_box_center]

What is the most important goal you have achieved while working at the company?

[quote_box_center]I think it’s the connection I have built with my colleagues and the opportunity to enter a new phase in the company’s office in Madrid, with the re-decoration of the new office. Now knowing my colleagues and I wil feel more comfortable and be able to identify ourselves better with Neomobile’s philosophies.[/quote_box_center]

What are your personal goals at Neomobile?

[quote_box_center]For starters, learn about this new world full of possibilities where I can develop my creativity and improve with each day. In my case, the visual aspects of all our services[/quote_box_center]

 What do you reccomend to people who want to work at Neomobile?

[quote_box_center]The company has lots of energy and a global philosophy, ready to face different challenges each day, enter distinct markets and is looking for people capable with open minds who are willing to take risks, play, and win.[/quote_box_center]