Editor’s Note: 

Like many of our talented employees at Neomobile, Juan Jose Cuellar has grown as a professional and changed his role within the company. Today he works as a Iberian Countries Sr Manager at our office in Madrid, Spain. The following interview takes place during his previous role as a Senior Business Operations Specialist in México and Central America. We hope you enjoy reading about his experience!

Neomobile is proud to announce its exclusive interview series. We’re asking our most talented company professionals about their professional life and career prospect with Neomobile.

This week, we invite you to meet Juan Jose Cuéllar, our Senior Business Operations Specialist in México and Central America. If you are interested in joining the mobile commerce industry, you won’t want to miss this interview. So, read below to learn about Juan Cuellar’s business experience and vision for the mobile industry.

How did you end up working at Neomobile?


I was working for a company in the telecommunications sector, television to be exact, when I received a call from Neomobile. They told me they were an Italian company that had just entered Mexico’s market, and they were looking for new local people to expand their Business operations in Latin America.

The company got in contact with me thanks to an old friend of mine who I had studied with in Italy at the Politecnico di Milano. My friend worked with Neomobile in Milan, and when they heard the company was looking for someone in Mexico, they thought of me. My friend shared my contact information with the local team, they found me, I went through the interview process, and now I’m here!


Did you have experience in the mobile commerce sector?

[quote_box_center]Before Neomobile, I had few opportunities to work within the sector. Today, I’ve been here for about two years and I realise that working at Neomobile has given me the opportunity to be at the centre of some of the world’s most important trends. The grand strides that have been taken in technology (in regards to mobile payments) are occurring at an impressive rate, and we are there becoming a part of it.[/quote_box_center]

What are the most positive aspects about working in a company like Neomobile?

[quote_box_center]Working in a company like Neomobile allows me to have a global perspective about the industry: trends, markets, competitors, and the best practices all around the world. It goes without saying that working with such an international company has deeply enriched my work experience. Having colleagues that come from different cultures and hold different perspectives about everything, should paint an image of the diverse types of people that walk around here every day.[/quote_box_center]

What is the most interesting project at work you have ever done?


In my last two years here, I have been involved in many interesting projects, from platform migration to launching services in new countries because this fast changing industry is demands it.

There is always a new project to work on. Without a doubt, of all the projects, the most interesting was because of its importance to the company. It had to do with migrating Telcel’s (SMT) new platform in May 2013.

This project required an incredible amount of willpower from everyone involved in order to push it forward in the small time frame we had. It also wasn’t easy to manage so many teams with different deadlines and availability, on top of the pressure from the company. Thanks to our experience and teamwork, we had a successful migration, in what is probably the most important project we’ve worked on this year.


What do you like the most about Neomobile?

[quote_box_center]Neomobile, is different compared to other companies because it makes its employees a priority, encouraging them to grow, and for me this is very valuable. Opportunities can arise at any time, and it’s up to each person to rise to the occasion.[/quote_box_center]

What does the the future of mobile look like to you?

[quote_box_center]The market of mobile phones has an impressive future ahead, with lots of opportunities and a large potential to continue expanding at a speed that few industries can keep up with.[/quote_box_center]

What is the most important task you have achieved while working here?

[quote_box_center]There have been many challenges since I joined Neomobile’s team.  One of my most important accomplishments was to become an important part of the team responsible for expansion and operations in the Latin-American region where my responsibilities are always changing, I work with different people, and am always learning something new I can use in the future.[/quote_box_center]

What are your personal goals at Neomobile?

[quote_box_center]I would personally like to move up to the highest position possible within the company. The company continues to grow and expand into new markets, which means more opportunities. My goal is to take these opportunities as they come.[/quote_box_center]

What do you recommend to those who want to work at Neomobile?

[quote_box_center]Do it! It’s a great company that grows each day with great employees. It’s a wonderful opportunity to be part of such a wonderful project.[/quote_box_center]