Young professionals, citizens of the world: we talked with our colleague who best represents this concept, Isabela Uehara, Marketing Sr Specialist in Country France, who opens up about her experience in Neomobile: from jr to senior, from Sao Paulo to Paris!

Enjoy the interview!

You are in Neomobile since 1 year and a half: how did you begin working in the company?

“I was living in Ireland at that time, and then after a while I came back to Brazil. I was checking a Brazilian website looking for a job, and I saw there the vacancy. I applied, and our former HR Specialist Eduardo immediately answered me. I did 7 interviews in total! I went through a challenging process because they wanted to make sure that I was the right person for the right position, with technical skills but above all real passion, and attitude”

What is your role within the company and how it changed during these months?

I started as a Jr marketing professional in Sao Paulo office, I was taking care of some affiliates and marketing channels together with Lucas, a Brazilian colleague. Then, my manager left, and a new era started: I had to grow by myself quickly. Some months later, this happened, and I became the ‘affiliation person’ for Country Brazil, a land that in the latest years grew enormously… I had a loot of work to do! For this reason, then I got a team of three people, who really helped me a lot during the past year.

But that’s not all! The country rotation proposal arrived, I accepted and I went to Paris: they were looking for a marketing professional, so here I am. The relationship with the affiliates, the launch of new products, the coordination and support of the French marketing team etc these are my main activities!”

Managing people is one of your biggest challenge: you did it already in Country Brazil, and you are carrying on with it in France!

“I love following my colleagues’ work, I especially appreciate the fact of making someone grow. I grow with them at the same time, so it’s a two-way process: day by day you get more and more experience, and it’s important to pass it to other people, to make them notice every single detail that can change the performance of a service, to help the person face it all”

From a personal point of view, you are half Japanese and half Brazilian (apparently two different worlds!) and you country-rotated from Brazil to France as we already said. You are a perfect example of internationality and dynamism. What is the added value of such a possibility, according to your experience?

“There are many added values, actually! I have always wanted an international profile, I studied International relations, I wanted to know many cultures, I aimed to travel around the world… Furthermore, when I was living abroad for the first time in Ireland for more than a year, I truly fell in love with this life.

Brazil is made of many different cultures, but we are all Brazilian in the end. As per my work, it’s the same, you discover new markets, meet different partners. When you live abroad you have a different point of view, you get a real international perspective. In the end, the added value is gaining new maturity, seeing things not with local eyes but with international eyes.”

Your team is composed by Neomobilers from Italy, Spain, and France. How is your environment? Who important is working with such professionals?

“I think it’s really a point of development: when Top Management decided to gather international people to Country France is because they had a purpose of developing something that is local but made of different countries. Everybody is new, our Country Manager came recently too, the environment is super international, always speaking in English in our big open space, Juniors, Senior people…seven Neomobilers together sharing experiences! It’s so cool!”

What do you love the most of your job?

“The opportunity of growing fast, and the recognition: we are all working a lot, not only in Neomobile but in many places, but here you have people who look at you, know your effort and appreciate it…it’s not given for granted, sometimes you give yourself a lot but nobody cares. This is different here, you perceive you are making the difference.”

From Brazil to France… What is the most interesting project you have worked on?

“I had many challenges since day 1, and coming to France has been a big project for sure! I didn’t really plan to move to France before the offer, despite I have always loved Paris…it is amazing! But then it came so natural, I immediately accepted it.

I have to mention also other things: when I became the responsible of the affiliation in Brazil, because I started having direct contacts with partners and I started understanding our complex market; also launching new products is very interesting, the implementation, the results… so many things!”

What is your take on the potential growth within the mobile commerce sector?

“One of the good things of being in France is that it’s the first country to see innovation, the market is very fast, every single day matters: you can find the most revolutionary tablet, and two days later you face with new incredible ideas. It’s very different from LatAm for example, there are no users with no credit, the smartphone share is like 100%!

If we look at Neomobile’s history in the last two years, tons of things changed… In a few words, for the future I see no limitations.”

What do you like about Neomobile and what would you recommend to people who want to work in our company?

“Neomobile is a good place to work because in short term you learn more than in 10 years in a different company. The market is so fast, the company is fast, so you have the opportunity to see different situations.

That’s why you have to be bold, fearless, because in the end you may come to a Company that changes every day. Be ready to grow by yourself!”

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