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Like many of our talented employees at Neomobile, Flavio Pallotti has grown as a professional and changed his role within the company. Today he works as a International Operations Executive Director at our office in Rome, Italy. The following interview takes place during his previous role as a Region Europe Director. We hope you enjoy reading about his experience!

This month our interview focus is dedicated to one of our talented professionals that is leading Neomobile’s European Region and fully represents internationality with a blooming career. Today we are introducing Flavio Pallotti, Neomobile’s Region Europe Director.

Today, Flavio is the only colleague who has moved to all our current business locations (from HQ to LatAm and Europe). Now living in Madrid, he’s the most awarded colleague ever, at our annual Values Awards that takes place every December.

We interviewed him about all his experience and success, and the result is an amazing story!

First of all, you recently became Neomobile’s Region Europe Director, but in 2009 you started as a Jr specialist: how did you end up at Neomobile? How did your career start and develop?


I started my long journey in Neomobile at the beginning of 2009 through an internship that turned into a permanent position a few months later. I joined Neo thanks to an internal referral. I had a couple of other options at that time with bigger corporations but I bet on Neo as I felt there were huge opportunities for growing that I would not have found easily elsewhere…and indeed this has been the case! During the first couple of years, I was based in our old headquarters in Rome taking care of the project management for the international markets. Then I moved to Mexico to work on the development of the new LatAm markets, and during the last part of my experience there, I became the Director of the LatAm region. Together with Luigi Mastromonaco, International Business Executive Director, Pietro Gianquinto, Brazil Country Sr Manager, Michele Pomposo, Mexico & CenAm Countries Sr Manager, and many other amazing colleagues, in about 3 years we expanded Neomobile’s operations in 8 new markets, becoming a market leader in many of those countries.

After this amazing experience where I believe I learned most from my job (from setting up start-up operations in new markets, to building and developing new teams, partnerships and businesses from scratch), I am now directing the European operations from Madrid. It’s another new challenge for me, trying to better expand our business and apply what I have learned from my previous experiences here at Neomobile.


What do you love most about your job?

[quote_box_center]Well, too many aspects! I definitely love the possibility to learn continuously from every aspect of the business. Within Neomobile, you rarely see only one thing at a time. Instead, you can learn and take responsibilities for many different things, independently from the role you have. I love to develop new businesses and strategies, understand how to change, adapt and develop our offer accordingly to different markets. Finally, the industry itself, internet and mobile…is something I feel I belong to and it’s where I love to work. [/quote_box_center]

What is the most challenging part of it?

[quote_box_center]I would say the possibility to continuously innovate yourself and the business, see the entire picture, realize quickly what the next steps are and take them faster and better than your competitors. You can’t underestimate any small details because they are the ones that can make a big difference in our business. In summary, you need to be fast and strategic while taking decisions, but also check every single small detail as well as the operative aspects. It’s a tough balance sometimes![/quote_box_center]

What is the most interesting project you have worked on?

[quote_box_center]Hard question, too many exciting projects! I would probably say the launch of our operations in Colombia. It was the first country we launched from Mexico where we experienced a vast array of new things and challenges.[/quote_box_center]

According to your experience, what qualities should a good manager have?


Many different attributes. First, I would say that he or she should understand which leadership style is the most appropriate to motivate a specific person or a team in order to achieve the company’s goal. There is no specific formula for that, but it is fundamental to understand and listen to others.

On the other hand, a good manager must be able to delegate and empower their team. Nevertheless, they shouldn’t ‘abdicate’ and give responsibilities without having carried out specific processes before making sure everything will run successfully. Furthermore, they should be able to perceive other’s qualities and take a step back when someone else gets the job done better. They should feel far more satisfied and rewarded when someone from the team achieves important goals, rather than their own achievements. On the contrary, they should feel responsible when something is not working within the team. Last but not least, a good manager should act as an example, being fully committed to spreading the company’s values within the organization.


Consider the fact that you have won 3 Neomobile awards over the years as one of our best professionals, what role have your colleagues and managers played in your professional development?


[quote_box_center]Definitely fundamental. Regarding Neomobile’s managers, many years ago I started a long professional journey with Luigi Mastromonaco, who played a key role in my professional growth: through continuous feedback, and working outside of my comfort zone, he really helped me become the professional that I am now. Also, with the Top Management itself I had the opportunity to receive and share different feedback throughout different milestones of my career that contributed to better understand what the expectations and my professional opportunities were. In general, my colleagues also played a fundamental role: I believe people are the most important asset of Neomobile. They can help you a lot in developing on a professional and personal level.  [/quote_box_center]

Given your experience and your wide perspective, what is your take on the potential growth within the mobile commerce sector?

[quote_box_center]Mobile phones are the most widely common electronic devices on the planet, even more than TVs and PCs. Furthermore, both traditional (like TV) and new devices (watches, glasses, etc.) are converging into the main mobile functionalities. That is why I believe that this industry has no boundaries. Specifically on marketing and commerce, I believe we will see a further boom in location-based services, virtual wallets, coupons…all using real time data to better target potential customers. We can imagine shops (even real ones) that will help and drive customers and purchases through mobile, watches, glasses, etc. Similarly, ‘The Internet of Things’ will further change the way we buy things today, and devices and appliances will increasingly be run by operative systems. The ones that today are set in mobile phones.[/quote_box_center]

What do you like about Neomobile and what would you recommend to people who want to work in our company?

[quote_box_center]Neomobile’s people and the opportunities that Neomobile can give you: but it’s up to you, you have to catch them and demonstrate your value! So I would recommend joining Neomobile if you are ready to take responsibility for something you might have not been asked for, if you have a proactive approach to change things and the status quo, a constant will to challenge yourself and step outside of your comfort zone. If you prefer something static, structured, with slow increasing responsibilities, and where your contribution is very small…well, Neomobile is not the place for you. [/quote_box_center]

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