The company’s CV: all you need to know about Neomobile


Neomobile’s Company CV [INFOGRAPHIC]

Every company on the planet is made of assets, networks and elements, among which you can find people, experiences, history and know how. Put them all together and then you’ll have an enterprise, more or less.

In fact, in our opinion the biggest difference between a great company and a company is the way it communicates its values to its customers and investors, just like any candidate looking for a job and introducing himself to any recruiter.

So, have you ever thought about a company as a natural person? How would it be? Below you can find what Neomobile looks like, with its expertise, its skills and personal achievements among others. Just like you!

Did you know that it started as a small start-up and now it has 14 offices worldwide – the latest one in Germany? And have you considered its seven values?

Last but not least, Neo loves sport activities!

This article is also available in Italian.

By the way, if you want to make or fine tune your personal resume, please check our 10 golden tips! And if you want to join Neomobile, look for our open positions and follow our channels: the corporate site, the blog, and our social profiles – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn!