Identikit of the perfect Neomobiler


Is working in a multinational company leader in the mobile industry one of your dreams?
Then Neomobile is the company you’re looking for… but, are you the appealing candidate for Neomobile?

Seeking a job: the difficulties
Western and developed countries are facing a deep economic crisis that is destroying expectations and dreams of young people. The unemployment rate is increasing and all the entrepreneurial spirit that in the past years allowed the development and the enrichment of those countries is no longer existing. Young people are afraid to boost their entrepreneurial ideas since the economic environment is not appealing.

Seeking a Job: The opportunity offered by Neomobile

Even though the scenario is not that appealing due to the financial and economic crisis, Neomobile is always seeking for young talents with a keen entrepreneurial and international mindset.

Neomobile internships allow the newcomer to face the “real working world” and, furthermore, enable him/her to acquire new professional knowledge. Indeed, what we expect from our interns is an active and proactive attitude toward the entire company/mobile commerce sector, both if they are working in the creative or in the technology functions.

Neomobile’s Talents are people always interested in facing new challenges and with a managerial mindset ready to exploit their abilities and their curiosity for the company they are working for.

Studies: books are not enough

Fabrizio Tripodi, the Neomobile HR Director, defines the identikit of the perfect ‘junior talent’:

“From our point of view, it is really important to have experiences abroad either for studies or for working reasons. We like “bread winners” who during their studies gained working experiences.”

To work in such a young, dynamic and innovative company such as Neomobile, education is important, at least to overcome the first step: the screening. But it is not enough: “The interview will be crucial to understand the approach of the young in the world of work and especially to determine whether a person who knows how to work towards targets and is result-oriented” – concludes Tripodi.

One more reason to work in Neomobile!

Even though we believe that motivation comes first, Neomobile believes that each internship must guarantee a reimbursement (€600 Euro in Europe + Ticket Restaurant + Pc and Mobilephone).

So, if you feel like the right person for Neomobile, check our job opportunities and take the Challenge!