An exclusive insight on the 2015 HR & Innovation: European HR Directors Business Summit

Networking, benchmarking and continuous learning are three important aspects in a company’s business and life. This is the reason why Neomobilers often participate at many events and conferences around the world, share our experiences, and foster debates (and also receive awards like the latest one in Verona!)

On May, 27th and 28th Neomobile attended the European HR Directors Business Summit in Barcelona, an occasion designed for senior HR Directors with a European and /or international remit to gather, network, learn, and debate in a highly stimulating environment. The main topic was “The Future of HR, Work & Technology: Where is it taking us?

Apart from Neomobile, represented by our People Director Enrica Lipari, several companies also joined in

We asked her to talk about the latest HR trends discussed there, and to share with us some insights!

Check them out!

First of all, how did the event go?

[quote_box_center]Pretty well! The venue was fantastic and the agenda was set in a way you had time for learning, time for sharing, and time for networking without getting bored. The only think I can point out is that I was expecting to attend LEGO’s speech but actually they didn’t come so I was quite disappointed…BUT that give me the chance to attend a speech I didn’t think I would have attended, and it turned out to be the most interesting one: it was about HAPPINESS at work![/quote_box_center]

Given over 150 HR Directors and senior business professionals from across European who gathered under one roof, what are the ‘hottest’ HR topics right now?

[quote_box_center]I should say still Inclusion & Diversity. Many HR Directors were from the North of Europe and there the higher risk in labor market is represented by Workforce Cliff, due to the fact that there aren’t enough young people coming into the labor market and too many older people who are leaving it. So, Inclusion & Diversity management can help on finding a way to attract and retain people from abroad. Other hot topics were Big Data (analytics and HR metrics) and Leadership Development.[/quote_box_center]


How do other innovative companies like Neo foster and face new perspectives? [quote_box_center]More or less like us. The pro we have as a multinational “medium” company is that we are quicker in experimenting and get feedback about the initiatives put in place. What I strongly noticed is that proposing innovation and implementing it before it gets too old is that common and easy everywhere: a good example could be the fact that most of the Companies there, started using big data in order to better understand GEN Y needs and threats…while we are already handling Millennials![/quote_box_center] Your speech took place during the 1st day of the event. Reactions to your feedback? [quote_box_center] Well, I completely disrupt the HR paradigm telling them that the ivory tower is going to be destroyed and that if we want to survive as professionals we need to reconvert our skills and expertise putting it to the people service, thus to the business service. We do need to come back to the roots and focus on 3 simple aspects: trust, empowerment and exploration. As you may imagine the reactions haven’t been all converging but I’m happy of having opened a dialogue and having inspired someone somehow. By the way, she shares with us an anecdote! “Fabrizio Tripodi, the former Neomobile HR Executive Director was there – in the 1st line –  to listen and support me during my speech. It has been a good chance to meet and share our point of view now that he is committed in a new role and Company, as the Brown-Forman Central & Southern Europe HR Director! [/quote_box_center] Finally, what does HR mean in 2015? [quote_box_center]First of all I really think this words completely lose sense in 2015. Speaking about People, I would say we are close to re-discover that people are the real hub a Company has in order to innovate and succeed in a complex and high-demanding ecosystem. So, after years of Taylorism, we are quite ready to accept that people count above all, and that without their engagement and commitment it’s impossible to bring the Company a step ahead.[/quote_box_center]

Do you agree with her?

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