Post holiday blues: 5 ways to survive it


You’re back from your holiday vacation, and dreading the work that’s waiting for you at the office. Read our 5 ways to survive the post holiday blues

There is a remedy for almost all things in life, except for the common post-travel blues: coming back to work after the holidays is never easy, and difficult concentration and irritability are around the corner. On the other hand it’s normal to feel discouraged, but you don’t have to let those feelings overpower you.

Below you will find some nice tricks: learn to overcome that sense of stress!

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The ‘back-to-school’ feeling:

Do you remember the day before coming back to school? Supplies, books, backpack, everything in order. Likewise, do not arrive unprepared to work. If you already anticipated, organized and scheduled your activities before the holidays, you won’t stress as much. In any case, start debugging from home while unpacking, so restart your agenda and pending activities. Self-management methods are the key to beat anxiety.

The smooth return:

When in the office,start your day step by step and take it easy when you’re settling back down into your usual routine. If your company has flextime programs like Neomobile, consider starting the first morning hours from home, or maybe use your lunch break to dive into swimming pool nearby. Moreover, put as much motivation and effort as you can: the better you work, the higher your bonus could be, and the more beautiful your next vacation will be!

The social sharing:

Enhance the holidays buzz,share your travel experiences with a colleague, and learn more about other destinations. The more you share, the better. What about that ‘breakfast&gossip’ habit with your colleagues before starting your daily work, or maybe a chilling aperitif to share pictures and tell anecdotes?

The (blonde) ambition:

In many cases, vacation offers the right bound to make a change, so set some ambitious goals, like a new sport or a language course. Set up some new activities to give yourself something to look forward to. Booking your next trip could also be the most powerful tool of all – by the way, don’t wait for long holidays when you can enjoy some nice days off even during the weekends or bank holidays!

The power of wellness:

If you gained a few pounds, get back in shape. On the other hand, if you lost pounds because of some exotic healthy food or long walks and excursions, use that rested feeling as motivation to keep exercising and look after yourself. Healthy (but appetizing) choices will restore your body and mind – start eating on schedule, try some nice lunch tips, and go with the detox & exercise flow.


By the way, if you’re reading this but you aren’t on your holidays yet (well done, off season holidays are also cheaper!), forget about this and check out some tips to boost your holiday feeling instead!

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