How to prepare a meeting with HR people – interview tips


Another edition of Campus Mentis is over, the event in which young talents have been able to not only meet the companies but also to deepen their professional skills through career guidance. Neomobile joined the event with many other companies with eight open positions. If you missed this opportunity do not worry, Neomobile is and will be involved in several recruiting events in order to look for young talents to with a strong passion for the mobile industry.

Career days are unique opportunities to get in touch with HR departments and to have the opportunity to get a fast and in-depth interview. What we recommend is to take the first step, to prepare and join these events: in other words to be proactive when looking for a job.

Here there are some interview tips to get the most from these occasions and not to miss any chance to be met known and considered for a job opening.

  • Get informed about which companies will join the event, choose the ones that match your professional interests; surf on their websites in order to understand the business, the history, financial situation and activities. Last but not least, give a look also to the job openings.
  • Update your CV, translate it in English and bring with you more than one copy. Prepare some questions about companies, business, job openings, and choosing criteria in order to understand if what they are offering is really what you were looking for.
  • Dress Code: unfortunately as a first impression the way you are dressed is important. There is not a right way to dress for these events (it depends on the company and on the role), but pay attention to show standing and seriousness.
  • Prepare yourself to do a fast introduction of your previous experiences and studies personalizing this presentation accordingly to the company you are meeting. If you are nervous, try your speech with the companies you are less interested in and try to do your best with the ones closer to your interests and target.
  • During these events the recruiters meet a lot of people and may not remember everybody, so try to be yourself, gentle, and to leave a mark outlining the assets you might bring to that specific company. Behave in order to have the recruiter business card and get in contact with him/her in the upcoming weeks saying that it was a pleasure to meet them. Let them understand how much you are interested and be actively part of that company.

Tips are sometimes considered unimportant but there are candidates that present themselves in a beach dress code or accompanied by girlfriend or boyfriend and, trust us, they do not have so many possibilities! Certainly, the competition is fierce and it is up to you to try to “sell” the best of yourself and your strengths!

So, are you ready to get into the game?