5 essential tips for planning the perfect brown bag lunch!

Between a meeting, a training session, and an informal occasion, there is the so-called BBL, Brown Bag Lunch, a seminar organized in several digital companies that usually occurs during a lunch break. The event has three goals:

  • enhance employees’ skills and knowledge by sharing ideas, new projects, or insights
  • build team work
  • spread a positive and ongoing learning culture

At Neomobile we started this routine a few months ago, always choosing different topics: from conferences that we attended, to social networks and new innovative projects inside our Organization. All we can say is that our Neomobilers’ curiosity and participation were – and are – very high!

So, now we are sharing a few tips to hold your corporate BBL and make it perfect. Check them out below!

1 – Choose a format

The first step is to determine the most compelling way to deliver the event. You have to consider the whole organization, from date & time to location and communication channels. You can decide to choose a fixed weekly or monthly date for every BBL, or to let it free, as well as create a dedicated page on your Intranet to book rooms or open spaces or you can check everything on a classic whiteboard. Are you an international company? Consider using Skype or Google hangouts too! Do you have a social kitchen? Tidy it up and customize it for the learning lunch! In any case, make it as easy and spontaneous as possible.

2 – Spread the word, before and after the event

Obviously the event needs good promotion (at least in its launching phase), which requires going beyond issuing invitations and waiting for replies. Promote the event using all your resources, from tweets to internal chats and announcements on boards. You can also create dedicated hashtags or pay-offs like the traditional “Lunch&Learn.

Spread the word at the beginning to gather people, as well as at the end of the BBL, just to create buzz and make other colleagues’ mouths water.

3 – Vary the content

Enhance colleague learning about topics that are ancillary to work topics, but not only. Let your colleagues’ creativity and imagination flow! Who knows…

Remember that finishing with a follow-up is important to make an event a long-term success, so tell the speakers to send materials or extra insights to the participants if needed.

4 – Mix up the audience

Forget headcount, focus on quality! Actually, in many cases the less attendants, the better! Make it exclusive!

The most important thing is to mix the audience to stimulate the conversation and let attendants get to know each other better. If you have the possibility to check the number of participants before the lunch, for example by receiving their RSVP, mix them up. If you have people from different areas who don’t know each other, start with a quick icebreaker or team building activity.

5 – Provide tasty treats

Finally, finish big! Provide sweets or small treats for the participants at the end of the encounter or supply a lunch itself – a mix of sandwiches or even tasty diy lunches (check out some ideas here) may be just perfect! Eating food is always the best way to socialize.

Want to dive into Neomobile’s life and participate at one of our next BBL’s? Check our open positions worldwide and apply now…