As we start a new job, the biggest question most of us have is about how we can grow, develop and get promoted.

Apart from ambition, Neomobile believes the key is having an everlasting commitment to learning: by getting better at what we do at work, and expanding our expertise, we become more valuable to our team, customers, and companies.

Why is continuous learning so important when you consider the big picture? The world is moving so fast (mobile industry included), so only people who stand tall and companies that are ready to change and increase their competitive advantage, will be on top.

How do we make the greatest possible effort in this? Read Neomobile’s suggestions below!

Hard work and performance

Time changes, and so do industries, but the rule remains the same: hard work and performance will get you far. Link your hard work to your personal and professional goals, in order to reach the desired results. Ça va sans dire, you have to know your objectives, the mutual expectations, and your company’s evaluation system: know its criteria and work with them.

All about priorities

Ask yourself: “Am I focusing on the right things?” Prioritize your work because delivering on time is one of the ingredients of your growth. Challenge yourself by setting time goals, knowing your effort quantitatively, and tracking your improvements (by the way, did you know the Agile pomodoro technique?)

Double I’s, initiative and intuition

Taking initiative is one thing every boss appreciates, so be ready to take new challenges and work towards them, expanding your contribution while staying humble. In addition, intuition is an innate trait, but it can be also a learned skill for work by keeping an open mind and truly listening to yourself: in fact when you listen to your intuition, you become open to new ideas, limiting analytical patterns, and you are also able to better sense feelings and perspectives.

All for one, one for all

As in a team, your colleagues, sub-ordinates, and peers play an important role on where your career goes. Offer your help and seek their help in return, always being thankful: in this virtuous network, the general environment will benefit and the team performance will grow faster. In the end, the more colleagues (or other people) who are aware of your abilities, the better your chances of hearing about new projects or opportunities.

Learn, Learn, Learn

Read during your commute time, check online learning platforms, take advantage of any possible live training sessions, or just hold a brown-bag meeting with other colleagues. Take every occasion as an input, be curious and hungry for knowledge, and remember that the whole company benefits when its employees know more.

Finally, check our current open positions and get to know us in our HQ in Rome: it’s Happy Hour Meet Up event! Be ready!