LinkedIn as one of the most popular social networks, right after Facebook and Twitter, with a unique professional direction, could represent a daily occasion to expand business network. That’s why it’s very important to create a personal LinkedIn profile and, above all, do it properly – no impersonal pages, please!

For this reason, Neomobile recently took the opportunity of our LinkedIn competence and organized an international internal training session for Neomobilers to share tips and foster a constant improvement context.

And now, get down to work! How to create the perfect LinkedIn profile?

  1. Complete your profile: the more details there are, the better! So, list all the jobs or positions you’ve held, along with descriptions of your roles; fill in all the elements of the Contact Info section; fill out your industry, and…the ‘summary’ part is also very useful, a brief showcase of yourself that can bring out your personality. Use the best keywords!
  2. Upload a high quality picture: the portrait picture says a lot about you. No selfies, no cropped pictures, no awkward filters. Wrong platform for your creative experiments! Upload a happy basic profile picture instead, show your face – again, no silhouette photo!
  3. Personalize Your LinkedIn Web Address: your public profile URL (a.k.a. web address) needs attention too. Avoid million confusing numbers and modify the URL (on the right side of the page) by selecting a clear address, your name & surname.
  4. Create a Profile header: promote your presence also by adding a Profile Badge. LinkedIn has several different badge designs to choose from, but you can upload your corporate or personalized one (if any)
  5. Start building your LinkedIn network: connect to people you know and trust, similar for experiences, attitudes, or business – think about knowing new furnishers, adding new contacts after a business meeting, getting in contact with partners, being active in community groups etc. The more contacts you have, the more reliability you can offer
  6. Join LinkedIn Groups: as said before, groups provide opportunities to meet and engage in discussions with member of your industry, your alumni community, or other professional interest areas – come in!
  7. Update your profile often: let your feelings, ideas, knowledge and contents circulate. Don’t be shy! The content is your profile, it is “you” when people are looking to learn about you. In addition, if you work in a Company you can publish corporate status updates or share your colleagues’ contents or posts for all your page followers to see. In one sentence, don’t cut and paste your resume, you can enrich it a lot!
  8. Add Rich Media: you can embed images, videos, portfolio, important files and presentations such as data sheets, white papers, and presentations. This enables you to showcase different projects!
  9. Get endorsed for your skills: users can endorse their connections for skills they’ve listed in the Skills section of their profile, or recommend ones they haven’t yet listed. These endorsements show up on your profile, and the aim is to give a profile a bit of a credibility boost and describe strengths. How many endorsements do you have?
  10. Show your volunteerism: Volunteering is as important as job experiences, so use the dedicated part of your profile to highlight the charitable causes you supported. Not just a mention, on the contrary explain how you have been involved, how those experiences improved your leadership or organization.

Finally, find ‘Neomobile’ on LinkedIn and meet all Neomobilers out there! Don’t forget to check the new vacancies, and take your time to visit our incredible Roman Hq on Google View!