An office says a lot about a Company: how the workspaces are organized, what kind of facilities are provided, how the common spaces are organized, and so on. Some companies—like Facebook, Google or Twitter —offer employees much more than a simply office, they give creative, colorful and smart experiences.

In the last year Neomobile undertook a huge revolution, not only in its organization, business and methodology, but also in its main workplace, the HQ.

2014 November 24th is a memorable day for all the Company… guess why? Because 1 year ago we officially unveiled our new workspace in Rome!

How is it? It’s a very smart, original and innovative building, completely renovated and organized according to our needs of transparency, efficiency, dynamism and also fun. Can’t believe it? Have a look at it with the virtual tour on Google!

Exactly 1 year later we decided to celebrate the 1st birthday with a nice breakfast in HQ, gathering Neomobilers in our Comfort Zone.

I could not believe that 1 year has passed since the inauguration!”, said Claudio Rossi, our CEO, during his speech: “that day was a magic moment for us, seeing finally how the whole project developed and concluded…just like a dream that came true!

What were the main changes between the old and the new HQ? Back to our history, Claudio underlined the difficulties of the previous workplace, and how our work now improved thanks to the brand new office. “In the old HQ there was less communication, we were separated in apartments and we could not improve our organization flows in a transparent, constant and efficient way. Now we totally revolutionized everything, and we improved our colleagues’ office life.” So, not only job! For example, we offer free coffee in the common Comfort Zone, we have a ping pong table as well as TV or an equipped kitchen (the full list of perks&benefits is here!)

Click below to check the pictures from the 1st birthday, and don’t forget to upload your CV: you may be the next Neomobiler!