The Joys of Flextime: 5 Reasons Employees Love this Work Benefit


Hands up, anyone who has honestly never dreamed about having flexible working hours!

Flextime is an arrangement that allows an employee to adjust the start and end times at work around the normal schedule. Needless to say that when employees are offered the possibility to customize work with their necessities, it can be really appreciated, consequently enabling them to be more productive in their work. Unfortunately not all companies offer this possibility.

You can read this article about flextime as a work benefit at Neomobile in Italian here

At Neomobile we have this possibility, because one of our main goals is to stimulate the right work-life balance as a fundamental key to success: that’s why we offer several other benefits for our employees, such as telecommuting, lunch vouchers or break areas that help to accommodate the needs of our people. As mentioned, these actions lead to job satisfaction and increased productivity, but at the same time respect for personal time remains a core value.

Effectively flexibility goes both ways, seen that on a business perspective flextime gives a company clear advantages too: just think about an international firm that could fill or reduce the gap between different time zones; or reflect on how many positions are covered by shift rotations in all those industries with a 24-hour cycle. It all comes to synchronization of multiple actions. Being flexible with employees is good for business because it’s a good message to them – it communicates you’re managing diversity in the workplace.

Have you ever thought about its advantages?

Let’s have a look on how employees can get the most out of their flextime: your life may really change for good.


Avoid Rush Hour Traffic

Yes, that part of the day during which traffic congestion goes high, public transports are packed and your evil side just grows. Many people are frustrated with the amount of time lost in jammed routes, and starting your day in a smelly warm over-packed bus or metro definitely isn’t the best start. Using flex-time can be a life-saver: just by leaving home at 9.00 am instead of 8.30 pm, you’ll encounter less people, less traffic, start your day with a happy mood and even save gasoline!

 No More Postponing Appointments

Seen that the work hours of plumbers and electricians correspond with office hours, most people just can’t get that shower or lighting or (fill in yourself) fixed at home. With flex-time you don’t have any excuses anymore to postpone those appointments!

Continuous learning & improvement

Individualized start and end times encourage employees to partake in activities that promote personal growth and enrichment: as one of Neomobile’s corporate values, expanding your knowledge is fundamental, and flextime is also beneficial for the people who are pursuing education while working. That language course that you’ve always loved to do, those community services you’ve checked months ago, or those yoga classes you really wanted to teach: take the time to do them! Individual well-being at the top.

Quality Family Time

Being a working parent and trying to coordinate childcare schedule with daily obligations isn’t an easy matter. Neither is taking care of an aging parent in need of support. Providing the necessary care involves time and energy, both physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Getting organized and having more time can reduce stress and ease some of the burdens of caring for the family: having flexible time may help employees to come in early or leave early to pick up the kids at school or to attend the piano recital, or to boost leisure time with the loved ones.

On top of it, for foreign workers it’s a great chance to travel and visit their distant families. Instead of interrupting a perfect weekend, they can directly take the Monday morning flight, maximizing the work-family balance, hereby leading to greater life satisfaction.

Personal & Cultural Attitude

Is your brain most active in the late hours or are you frisky early in the morning? Then why not work in the hours that you are most productive! Just like being outgoing or shy, it’s all about personal attitude, culture and habits. Furthermore, if you work in a young and multicultural environment, culture customs are well-rendered: that’s why in Neomobile the start time is until 11 am. Embracing flexibility can help your work without forcing your possibilities, and it will surely allow you to perform 100% at work.

Make sure you always update your colleagues and managers regarding your intentions of using your flextime benefit. Even though you might get the most out of it, they might be left in need of your support!

What about you? What do you think about flextime? Is your company using flextime arrangements? Tell us your opinion!

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