Flextime: Early Workers at Neomobile


Early birds vs night owls: the eternal match between our early risers and night owls in the office.

For many, the morning hours are great for productivity while many others find themselves more active in the afternoon. One thing is sure: personal predisposition affects the level of efficiency.

In any case, flextime programs fit perfectly for both of these types of workers: for example, in our company most of our employees can choose when to start their day, as long as they enter the office within 11AM. In the end, there are many different reasons behind this choice. Have you ever explored the office during the early hours? Below, we got a glimpse of our HQ environment in Rome!

This article is also available in Italian.

We started at the ground floor, where we found out that in our HR team, 3 out of 9 colleagues enter early: Michele Garrasi and Gianfranco Romito explained that they “work better and the office is quieter.” Also,  Annalisa Giangregorio from our Corporate Communication Team shares this opinion: she loves working in a quieter workplace, “there is less confusion and I concentrate on myself.

Our Top Management assistant Alessia Toniolo gave us many specific motivations: “My bio-clock is programmed for the morning: I’ve always done ​​things better in the morning! Furthermore, being active and and having everything in order when Top Management arrives is one of my best practices.” The concept of a bio-clock is open for debate: “There are many reports on having a morning biologic rithythm that confirm that our ‘body’s clock’ affects our performance,” clarifies Lorenzo Scerna from Finance Team.

Traffic jam and urban transports are also an important factor when waking up early: Luana Ciattaglia from the Media & Advertising team start at 9AM “in order to finish in time to take the bus,” and in the Merchant Team, Giulio Valentini and Michele Morena do the same toavoid traffic jams. A good balance between freetime and work is the reason why Fabrizio Fabricatore, in Media & Advertising Team, starts at 8.00 am, “so I am able to finish early and get the most out of my personal time.”

Never mind that it’s early morning, sports come first in Francesco Picaro’s life: our colleague, from Finance Team, declared, “I am very sporty, so early in the morning I go running! I like to start my tasks early.” Moreover, many Neomobilers are also parents and coordinate childcare schedules with work activities. In Tech teams, Giorgio Iozzo says, “I arrive at 8.30 a.m. because of my child!” His colleague, Andrea Fotia, says that his daughter wakes up early, so he became an early riser, too. Likewise, Federica Stagi chooses a flexible approach to coordinate office life and her son’s kindergarten class.

Some of our colleagues start very early also because of their job functions: in Tech teams’ case, they manage and fix data if necessary, so the sooner the better: that’s why Roberto De Blasi explained that “our job is also to be operative and check live processes, improving our company’s workflow”.

In the end, every office is a world of its own! Want to give us your feedback? Willing to join our teams? Follow us and send your CV: there are different open positions, come and meet us!

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