Neomobile collaborates with AVIS: donating blood means saving lives


Donating blood is one of the most active ways of helping the ones in need and the entire society, since the only way to obtain blood is by donation.

Neomobile took active part in the AVIS (Italian Volunteers for Blood Association) initiative and the company’s Roman HQ will join the donation on 7th of February 2014. Furthermore, Neomobile will host the AVIS mobile unit, that will be located in front of the office building and it will be open for all those willing to help.



Neomobile, with an average employees age of 32 and an active Sporting club, is a young and healthy company, and willingly participates in humanitarian initiatives. With the awearness of the daily blood necessity, donation should be a part of our routine and not only in case of emergency. Each blood donation provides three different blood components, that can help up to three different people.

There are so many good reasons to be a part of this type of initiatives. So roll up your sleeves and help save lives.

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