Creating an Enviable Corporate Culture: Mission, Vision, and Values

Neomobile Company Values Icons
Neomobile Company Values Icons

Discover what a company’s mission, vision and values say about your company’s culture, brand, and image

We live in a world where unemployment is high and applicants are often over-qualified with honourable degrees, qualification certificates or 10+ years of experience. As a result, you may know someone (or many people) willing to work any job that comes their way- no matter the position, pay or treatment.

It isn´t unusual to hear complaints about job pay, poor management, forever-lingering internships and a lack of consideration for personal emergencies.

Discover why Neomobile is great place to work

At Neomobile, we believe that a business’ success has everything to do with creating a culture that employees can be proud of – an environment filled with training, tools, and an overall emphasis on helping its employees grow as professionals. In order to do this, you need to start at the core by developing a mission, vision and set of company values that set the tone for your company’s image and environment.

Here is a look at our company vision, mission and values and why they are important to Neomobile and its people.

Stay tuned for our upcoming articles showcasing tips & tricks and talented employees that embody each of our values.



It isn’t easy to fit the reason behind your company’s existence into a sentence. A good mission statement keeps a company focused on a common goal and reminds employees about the big picture of the business. A good mission statement is especially helpful for International companies with offices in different parts of the world.  Our mission reminds our offices around the globe that:

We create the place where people land, the place where people have fun, the place where people buy: the Mobile Commerce place


A good vision sets the tone for the company’s future. It should inspire ideas and discussion on how to create new activities, projects, products or services that are in line with the company’s goals and take the company towards the direction it wants to go. At Neomobile:

We believe in and work for a world of infinite Mobile experiences, small enough to fit in the palm of the hand, where people’s dreams are just a touch away


A positive work environment consists of values that focus on the employee’s well-being and should be encouraged by everyone, even top management. At Neomobile, our values include:

  • Passion
  • Respect
  • Team Spirit
  • Continuous Learning & Improvement
  • Good Management
  • Individual Performance
  • Personal Accountability

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But what good are values if you don’t apply them to your everyday office life and reward those who do? Neomobile’s Values awards were created in 2007 and are Neomobile’s way of recognizing 2 core aspects in Neomobile’s corporate culture: a. Personal respect towards the corporate values b. Personal performance in the job position. The awards keep our company’s culture alive, showing that the Value Chart is not just a piece of paper plastered on the wall, but a declaration of our core beliefs that reflect our motivation during everyday activities. The awards are given out at the annual Christmas Dinner, where our talented and exemplary employees are rewarded with a gift. Starting next week, we’ll be publishing articles showcasing the ways our company integrates these values into our working lives, training and creating leaders within the mobile commerce industry. Stay tuned for an article about Continuous learning, and our most important event of the year, Mobile World Congress. You’ll get exclusive insights on how Neomobile makes the most of this networking event by sending both experienced and new employees to Barcelona to meet with potential customers and partners!