“Teamwork is essential to Neomobile’s success. Individuals are encouraged to interact with all levels of management, sharing ideas and suggestions to improve Neomobile’s effectiveness. It takes all of us to win.”

This is one of Neomobile’s biggest statements, recalled in many training sessions, corporate events or during a daily routine.

Given its importance, let’s take a look at the many meanings behind Team Spirit and conclude our Values Vitamins Series!

The first association that may come to your mind is the fact of hanging out for an aperitif or organizing soft and relaxed activities with colleagues after work or during the breaks. True, but that is not all.

Let’s take a step back: while focusing on a work organization, firstly we have to consider team work, because it is linked to the value, team spirit.

In every team there is a common goal (or many) between its members, and every worker should give their best to reach it, feeling like a part of the same chain. Team spirit lies exactly in these dynamics, it is formed when team members feel fully included and integrated into a team and have interpersonal connections with each other, and it’s strongly connected to individual performance and personal accountability, other core beliefs that breed a culture of achievement.

To be honest, team spirit goes beyond this: if you see a colleague in difficulty, that’s when team spirit comes into play. You may sacrifice your time and your energy, but the benefits will be there (and you may challenge yourself too).

As we already said, a team wins if each individual is winning, so it’s important to create an environment in which they can do just that. Competition is good for business but team spirit and synergy are fundamental as well.

Summarizing, we believe in two perspectives of team spirit:

  • Collaboration: consider your colleague, collaborate with them by sharing lessons learned, helping them, learning by example, therefore growing together;
  • Anticipation: especially when you have a background and substantial work experience, try to anticipate potential issues, seek solutions, and know when to raise alerts;  

Finally, do you find a lack of team spirit among your colleagues with a poor working atmosphere? If so, it might raise issues or decrease productivity. As a final tip, the best antidote is to share the bad feelings with your manager and/or HR partner and unload your mind, without forgetting that famous common goal that holds every team together. Then, any possible team building activity is more than welcome…for example, have fun and take the opportunity to participate in sporting activities together!

Remember that in the end, the amount of energy necessary to solve problems is an order of magnitude bigger than to produce it”. Got it?