Values Vitamins: Personal Accountability


Take a look at another one of Neomobile’s corporate values, personal accountability, and see how it can help you in your career.

Let’s start with the definition: what is personal accountability? According to the dictionary, it’s the state of being accountable, liable, or answerable. So, having personal accountability means taking the responsibility for personal actions and behaviors, failures included.

According to Neomobile, taking responsibility is a good way to go ahead and develop personal and professional skills while at work, and it is important that all people within the company work together and share accountability. Yes, this is one of our corporate values!

How to encourage it? Read Neomobile’s do’s and challenge yourself!

Know your role

Firstly, being liable means knowing your responsibilities. Given that you know the company you’re working for, be conscious of your role, your goals and your duties. This includes also admitting limitations of knowledge, or managing the unexpected. In this case, prioritization between tasks and goals is pivotal and sharing and communicating information between teams are always good points to improve your work. Just reflect on the ignited ‘chain-reaction’ when you are not responsible for your footsteps: a sequence of reactions starts and worsens flows and activities, so it’s important to preserve a good environment.

Know your colleagues & your boss

Get to know your colleagues and the partners you deal with in your job and, above all, know your boss. In this way you will know what expectations they have and how they conceive work, giving exactly what it needs.

For example, be present for their entire required shift, complete any tasks that have been assigned to you, be consistent, and learn how to work in team. Last but not least, always admit when you’re wrong and eliminate the fear of admitting mistakes. Apologize and move on: your strength lies also in the recognition of your limits.

Know yourself

Consider that those who are accountable are more likely to be trusted, and accountability is definitely a matter of experience – no one is born 100% accountable! In fact, those who learn are the ones who act and challenge themselves every day.

So, look first to yourself because you’re the one who is able to make things happen and answer for the outcomes. Our golden rule comes back again: step outside your comfort zone and face it all!

Finally, managing your resources (time & tools) is also fundamental to pursue your best performance and boost your self-empowerment.

By the way, if you need any support, ask your manager or HR team for specific training sessions to motivate yourself and reach the highest accountability and potential.