Borsa del Placement 2014: Our Highlights


Borsa del Placement 2014: Neomobile’s Highlights

Given the success of the first edition of the job forum organized by Emblema, Neomobile’s HR team attended the Borsa del Placement event that took place on October 28-30 in Bologna, Italy.

The chosen location, Palazzo Re Enzo, was amazing as well as Bologna itself, a typical student city with a unique atmosphere: a great place to live for many people as well as a starting point for many others in their academic and working life.

The event kicked-off with introduction speeches and a round table debates about unemployment and the role of university placement activities. Among the seven speakers, Giuliano Poletti, the Italian Minister of Labor and Social Policy, made a remarkable keynote speech in a video conference in which he underlined the importance of the incessant monitoring of these actions:

The best way to sustain these projects is by giving more and more information and stimulate a continuous monitoring and upkeep”

During the event, Neomobile’s had two objectives: look for potential collaborations with universities and their placement, employer branding and campus recruiting activities throughout Italy and Europe, and interview the All Stars, a selection of many talented young graduates to consider for our vacancies or talent pool.

What is Neomobile’s talent pool? First of all, how many times did you hear that famous quote “we will let you know” at the end of a job interview? Well, at Neomobile this is a reality: if there isn’t a vacancy in your field at the moment, but you really made a good impression on us, we will surely keep your CV and take you in consideration for future internships or positions. The mobile commerce industry is a very dynamic place, that’s why you always have to check our open positions!

During the last two days we had several inspirational meetings both with university placement offices and students from all over Italy: the first ones expressed their availability in offering a proactive placement service and supporting the students in their integration in the work market, while some excellent candidates, selected with the support of placement offices and professional recruiters, showed great potential, good language skills, and valuable CV’s with many interesting experiences abroad. And to think that they only had 20 minutes to present themselves and give their best!

Finally, we came back to the office with a bunch of certainties: BDP is a useful event to tighten the network between universities and companies and its quality has been confirmed once again!

By the way, read about the previous edition and don’t miss the occasion to visit Neomobile at our upcoming job fair!