Talk about placement! ‘Borsa del Placement’ event


Inspirational, collaboration, professional… 3 words to describe our participation at the Borsa del Placement that took place on October 29-31 at Bologna, Italy. In search of potential talents, the HR team attended for the first time at the job forum organized by Emblema.

The event started off with different keynote speakers and a round table that approached the theme of green economy and how this global evolution can become a growth opportunity for the job industry. Apart from bringing interesting statistics, speakers also confronted the public with some important questions, such as “How can you – even as a company that is not creating directly green jobs – contribute to this green economy?”. The Vodafone village – the innovative new HQ in Milan constructed completely following green rules – and many other initiatives were an inspiring example of this practice.

Neomobile also participated at the Desmo awards, an occasion for companies or universities to show their best practices in placement, employer branding and campus recruiting activities. Even though we didn’t arrive at first place, it was great to see many inspiring projects, such as the Speed Dating organized by Trento University or a workshop regarding a 2.0 kit to boost personal branding by the Catania University.

The second day was developed as an encounter platform between universities and companies – both Italian as international – and resulted in positive and proactive meetings that aim at the development or reinforcement of collaboration and partnerships.

Last but not least, the third day was focused on interviewing the All Stars, a top selection of interesting and promising newly (or recent) graduates. Each candidate had 20 minutes to present themselves and ask all they wanted to know about our company, and we are pleased to say that we’ve met very skilled persons that might definitely come into consideration for the upcoming internship positions in 2014.

Definitely a big thumbs up to the organization for the quality of the event (not to mention the amazing location Palazzo Re Enzo).

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