While on a job interview, you might think that your success is given by the best answers to the challenging interview questions. Sad news, that’s not all! A big part of it is actually nonverbal communication – check out do’s and don’ts

Generally speaking, recruiters pay attention to every single detail while knowing candidates and choosing the most fitting ones for their company. From eyes to gestures, everything counts…let’s listen to Neomobile’s HR business partners and share their suggestions to ace your job interview!


Keep your feet on the floor and your back against the lower back of the chair. Do not sit back in the chair in a too-relaxed manner, avoiding also a recurrent back&forth movement. Don’t rest your elbows or arms on the desk, it could be too aggressive. OK to be active, KO to be invading. Try to be aware of your shoulders position, be straight! Are you with crossed harms? It’s not a big issue, but ask yourself why. Are you ok?


The bad habits with hands and arms are several: folded arms, leg shaking, tapping with fingers, or playing with hands.

Your thoughts and gestures are in tune when there is no conflict between what you are saying and what you truly believe. Be natural.

Also here try to be aware of “opening gestures”, if you feel comfortable with.

Extra tip: focus also on the very first contact with the recruiter…your handshake should be firm!


Eye contact is extremely important and it’s constantly judged. If you are looking around you or reading your papers, you will not look like you are paying attention. So make eye contact with the interviewer for a few seconds at a time (don’t stare pay gracelessly!) and show the spark, the interest.

It’s easy for a good recruiter to understand if you are focused or not during the interview even if you are looking at him/her. If your sight is “empty”, your eyes wide open the sight is fixed…you’re unfocused, and it’s evident and clear!


Smile and other positive facial expressions are more than welcomed since they show your enthusiasm and how much you want the job.

Try to understand the best moment to smile or to be serious, focusing on the content and on the context, trying to be always aligned with the topics in discussion.

Extra tip: better smile especially during the first step with the recruiter to communicate also how warm and pleasant you are.


Be polite and keep a balanced tone to your speech: neither too loud and accelerated, nor too quiet. Speak with a clear volume! And listen without interrupting of course, otherwise you may appear as aggressive and selfish (don’t feel obliged to reply to everything recruiters say)


What about your recent job interview? Did you pay attention to at least one of our suggestions? And don’t forget your CV: read how to make or break it!