Let’s start with an assumption: normally, high-potential employees aren’t going to take over the world on their own. They need support, guidance, challenge, and tools.

As a consequence, Neomobile continuously organizes training sessions inside & outside the Company: from top managers to juniors, everyone is involved in a continuous learning approach.

Recently, also this year several Neomobilers considered high potential by peers, managers and top management attended the “2015 High Potential training event”, one of the traditional outdoor occasions of our Company (read the previous edition report!) : the event took place in an amazing location close to Rome and with a beautiful view on a lake, and it lasted two days, where the attendants challenged themselves with physical games and group projects merging nationalities, skills and experiences, followed by the Top Management itself, our corporate coach Mauro Cuomo, our People Director Enrica Lipari, and three super tutors, each per group: our International Operations Executive Director Flavio Pallotti, our Program Management Executive Director Anna Russo, and our CTO Pietro Tricarico.

Why does Neomobile consider training occasions so precious, especially outside the office?

  • They promote an immediate learning, even more impressive than an indoor lesson, surrounded by the same four walls;
  • They emphasize team spirit and relational bonds between the participants, working closely for a limited period;
  • They help managers understand their colleagues better and vice versa, thus helping them work together more efficiently;
  • They set different scenarios where to address and overcome limitations or eventual fears and doubts;
  • They boost employees’ satisfaction and perception of their value

Let’s sum up with a single syllogism: if OUTDOOR means being OUT OF A COMFORT ZONE, and being challenged means also think OUT OF THE BOX, the outdoor leads exactly to DISRUPTION!

Finally, consider outdoors not as a replacement for classic traditional-based training, but just another side of the big learning medal: a bigger effort for the Company (consider the organization, the extra costs and so on!) but a long lasting return of investment for both the involved parts.

Get in the game!