This month we’re starting with a dose of energy: free coffee!

As we already affirmed, job benefits are a form of compensation given to an employee that can come in many different forms. In recent years they have become more prevalent for a person when accepting a job or evaluating his/her engagement towards a company. In fact, office culture can have a huge impact on the work life balance for all employees and their families.

We are officially disclosing the ‘Beneofit of the Month’ section, a monthly showcase dedicated to our benefits package. Why do we offer flextime or a sporting club? What is Neomobile’s Tutorship? We are ready to explain it all!

This month we’re starting with a dose of energy: free coffee!

Espresso time

As an Italian company, Neomobile definitely loves coffee! The coffee culture is one of the most important Italian traditions known worldwide, so this is the first reason why there are coffee vending machines and coffee pots in most of our offices. Furthermore, many studies show that caffeine helps workers perform better, or at least it keeps them alert, and we believe that providing it for free is also a great way to make employees happy.

A social occasion

In our brand new HQ of which we are really proud, there is a great relax area called the Comfort Zone. It contains an equipped kitchen, a foosball table, TV, gaming consoles and vending machines: everything an employee may dream of to enjoy a break! These type of spaces inside a company are very important, both for team spirit and workflow (think about a spontaneous brainstorming or a new idea!), and having coffee inside the workplace is also a strategic investment: less breaks towards the nearest bar, more time spent inside the office, so more productivity! Time costs!

Have a break, have a coffee!

In general, we suggest taking breaks throughout the day because it makes you more productive and beats the slumps: get up and stay away from your desk for just 5 minutes, and disconnect for a while! It may reduce stress and refresh your brain.

By the way, a few years ago an Italian TV channel broadcasted a sit com called ‘Camera Café’ taking place just right in front of a coffee machine inside an office!

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