When it comes to our perks, Neomobile offers the variety you’d expect from a large company, all the elements that make our employees’ life better and easier. Caring for own life and family helps an employee give his best at work and reach a suitable work life balance without compromise these spheres.

Our culture is always improving and changing to be as friendlier to families as possible.

Let’s see how…

  • Maternity/Paternity leave

Having a child is the greatest life event. Neomobile guarantees a parental leave policy for our people who become parents as a mayor favor treatment even in those Countries where the law doesn’t cover it. Being a Neomobiler means definitely live the parenthood wherever he/she is.

This may be considered the most important benefit of them all: all of our employees worldwide have teleworking as an option. As a result, they are able to independently manage their own work and schedules adapting all the combined needs. Click here to deepen this theme!

  • Social occasions

Themed parties? Special kids events? Everything is more than welcomed! Events have always a huge impact on the environment!

Considering our recent experience in hosting the “bring your kids day” event in the HQ and in other offices, we can underline that these appointments are the perfect compromise between work and family, where employees feel comfortable bringing their families into their work environment, babies show themselves more relaxed or even enthusiasts in considering their father or mother at work, and it also helps bonding relationships between colleagues themselves.

  • Agreements

In a continuous search for a healthy Work-Life-Balance, our HR professionals and Office&Facilities assistants drafted a list of local agreements in every international office: through partnerships with shops or providers, we search for those solutions or services that make it easier to solve problems of all kinds: in this case, discounts for kindergartens, babysitting services, sport centers and so on (by the way, we also offer pass lunches for meals or food shopping!) we offer a little help to our NeoParents. Definitely an easy and small corporate support for a big satisfaction!

In the end, making time for spending quality time as a family is a very important investment.

Keep up with Neo’s life through our weekly updates and follow our steps through our job events in Italy! We will attend Borsa della Ricerca forSud at Università degli Studi di Salerno, Forum della Borsa del Placement in Rome, and Open House at John Cabot University in Rome!