Neomobile is on its path to become a Lean and Agile company that’s why learning becomes more and more crucial for all Neomobilers.

Learning from customers, from colleagues and from the changes and failures we face in our day by day work and life is fundamental to succeed in a changing society and in an industry that runs at the speed of light.

Learning is so significant here in Neomobile that it became a factor of success as well as a core belief. We also hold two times a year an important event focused on sharing and learning, the so-called The Learning Week.

You have already read about our summer edition, the winter edition was even richer in terms of workshops and trainings done, also from external guests.

First of all, the Neomobile Winter Learning Week started the weekend before, with the first ‘Lean Startup Experience’. In this 3 day event, 31 Neomobilers worked on the 6 ideas they chose among the 31 presented. 6 groups, together with our corporate coach Mauro Cuomo and the Agile coaches Fabio Armani and Paolo Sammicheli, developed their ideas in our HQ and tried to find if they could be implemented on the market, followed by a series of workshops where they learned the basics of the Lean Startup methodology.

Check out the participants impressions:

 “The Lean startup experience was, without a doubt, one of the most enriching experiences I ever had in Neomobile, full of knowledge, enthusiasm, teamwork, creativity and people giving the best of themselves, it was exciting to be part of this project, surrounded and supported by a great team and coach!”

Abril Solis

“A great learning experience. I am really looking forward for the second edition! I learnt more about my colleagues while creating something which we were passionate about. The coaches gave us precious advices and useful insights about the “agile” principles which I am now using in my routine.”

Lorenzo Paccagnini

On Monday December 14th started the Neomobile Learning Week winter edition that lasted till Friday 18th . Among the workshops and trainings we had, also for many colleagues gathered from all over the world:

Definitely a great way to improve: 1 Company, infinite learning!

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