In a high paced mobile & digital industry companies need to introduce agility and flexibility in order to stay competitive and innovative. Discover how Neomobile empowers its employees through an agile methodology that fits our inner nature perfectly, that of a learning organization

High-tech companies are often implementing the Agile method in order to boost performance and deliver quality product in minimum time. But Agile is much more than just a software development: it is a state of mind that focuses on people, empowering them to get the most of their efforts, to learn continuously and rapidly, from both successes and failures, becoming high performing but above all responsible and self-organized.

For a company this means developing a dedicated strategy that includes coaching, training sessions, workshops, and events. In 2015 Neomobile initiated the path to become a lean and agile company, which is reflected in the entire organization – a change of mentality towards trust, a lean way of working, and transparency.

Starting from the basic concepts of Agile methodology, we have dedicated learning sessions on different important topics, held in our HQ and in our offices worldwide regarding both methodologies to implement and our experiments and products, and also Learning week events, where employees from around the world gather in the HQ to share their best practices and successful projects.

Furthermore, we also built places to work according to this philosophy, choosing smart open spaces and modern&flexible structures, according to innovation, transparency and collaboration criteria.

In this way we are fostering skills such as good communication, teamwork, self-organization and innovation because they are crucial for creating a productive Agile work environment.

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