In Neomobile’s ongoing revolution towards Agile, we continuously improve our understanding and reorient our thinking attending also external training and courses, as well as conventions and conferences. The most recent one? IAD Days in Brescia (Italy)!


So, we gathered feedbacks from our 3 Neomobilers who attended the event, Daniela Cecchinelli, Application Development Sr Manager, Antonio Pascale, BSO Systems&Data Sr Manager, and Anna Russo, Program Management Executive Director, and asked them their considerations.

Let’s dive into the Italian Agile Days with Neo!

‘Italian Agile Days’ is the main Italian free conference about Agile methodologies, software development and management. What’s your opinion about Italy and the whole Agile movement in our country? Which are the current perspectives?

Daniela starts saying that “it’s been 5 years since I started participating at this conference, and during the years the number of participants increased a lot as well as the topics presented and the relative buzz. Comparing with the European situation, in Italy the Agile movement is surely more limited and delayed. Anyway, nowadays Agile is considered a de-facto by many companies that are more and more adapting their strategies or implementations using this methodology. The interest is high, but watch out: in many cases, Agile is still considered a buzzword.”

Antonio answers in a very concrete way, underlying the following aspect: “just consider that banks, traditionally closed institutions and far from dynamic, are following Agile steps! I think that the problem could be the Italian traditional mindset, but at the same time I am truly positive and confident, so I hope to see interested government administrations in the next years”.

Anna reinforces the general feeling: “despite IAD subheading ‘uncover better ways of developing software’, the event has been tech and beyond! I understood that, as Daniela said, Italy is unfortunately delayed. I don’t know why, but the positive aspect is our potential: considering the topics discussed, the workshops, the audience there, and the general interest, I am sure that we can really improve a lot”.

So, let’s better focus on the event: how was it?

100% good! Let’s see Neomobile’s comments…Antonio loved it, “it provided much food for thought”, while Daniela shared facts: “The majority of the participants voted this edition as the best ever. I agree, both the organization, the topics, and the workshops proposed on Friday, were amazing.” In parallel, it was Anna’s first participation: “first time as an attendee & as a speaker at the same time! It has been intense, different, enthusiastic and formative. Perfect organization! In addition, it was totally free, and everything provided in terms of materials and support is financed by individual donations or corporate sponsorship. This is what makes it unique, the organization itself required an ‘ability to adapt’, so it embraced the Agile way.”

Neomobile is undertaking a huge Agile revolution, and on stage you have talked about it, explaining our path, successes and challenges: how did the audience welcome your feedbacks? What has been the most impressive aspect of your narration for the attendees? 

The audience showed a lot of interest for our story, our transition. They wanted to understand how we are managing the Change and what we have learned so far… and what we are still learning of course, good & bad aspects…everything!”, stated Daniela, supported by Antonio who also attended her speech and Anna’s one: “I guarantee that as we mentioned ‘Neomobile’ everyone immediately checked our website, surfed on google maps to see our HQ, and showed real participation. Our final Question&Answers session was so rich and interesting!”

Anna underlined their amazement, “for example, people were positively impacted by the fact that our Top Management is in the front line our lean & agile change, carrying on our transformation day by day together with Neomobilers themselves, because normally teams start experimenting Agile inside the company but they are obstructed by top managers.”

Finally…any anecdotes, take-away or lesson learned during the event that you want to share with us?  

Daniela is sure: “The metaphor I used to tell our story, regarding the concept of Transformes and Desepticon, was the winning idea!”, and Antonio declared: “my take-away is exactly the step after our Agile revolution, so embracing new worlds and perspectives, different from Microsoft one”. In this sense, Anna’s conclusion is the best one: “KAIZEN, forever and ever

Check out Daniela’s and Anna’s session at IAD 2015:

Finally, get a glimpse of our Agile environment by checking our HQ: start the virtual tour in our workplace!