Sometimes images and videos say it better than words.

That’s why in December 2014, some Neomobilers at the HQ in Rome became actors and producers for 1 day to create the 1st in-house film called “A Day at Neomobile’s HQ.

Based on an idea of some colleagues, and filmed by Guglielmo Lipari, a young Italian film maker, our goal was to describe what a day at our HQ looks like. Through 3-minute frames, we showcased our collaborative open space environment and our typical work schedule, composed of challenging projects, great interactions, and also some relaxing activities like video games and ping pong tournaments.

Giulia Zampetti, our Affiliate & Performance Partnership Sr Specialist, played the recruiter while Lorenzo Scerna, our Administration Specialist, played  a job candidate who applied and had a job interview (by the way, the white shirt he wore was the same shirt he wore during his first real interview at Neomobile, in 2012!)

Why did they decide to participate spontaneously? Lorenzo says, “I wanted to have an active part in this project even if I’ve never seriously considered  the acting career. So imagine my fear of the camera! Anyways, I thought “Let’s try!”, and after the first few minutes of filming, the fear went away.”  Giulia added, “I also like to leave  time for tasks and opportunities that are different from my daily work. Above all, it is always a pleasure to be the face of Neomobile!”

The shooting lasted a couple of days, and it was a lot of fun. “I remember when Guglielmo was trying to calm me down because I was nervous and unnatural…” says Lorenzo.  Giulia stated, “it is funny to see how people react in front of a camera! In my case, filming the part we made on the Tech floor was both funny and embarrassing: the camera was on a rolling chair and I had to walk down the corridor saying hi to everybody and avoid laughing.”

Definitely a mix of creativity, lots of passion, and happy faces!
Are you curious? Click on the video below, follow a job candidate and recruiter, and discover what it means to work at Neomobile…by the way, apply now!