9 Tips to Rock Your Next Internship


9 tips to rock your next internship

Finally you’ve made it. You got that 6 months internship you yearned for. Once you get over the celebration part, now it’s time to roll up your sleeves.

Internships are precious experiences that an intern needs to maximize (they may turn in an occasion like in Neomobile, where in 2013 86% of the trainees has been confirmed with a contract): during these months he/she develops his/her capabilities and faces the first difficulties, so there are lessons to be learned every day.

This article is also available in Italian.

This week we share 9 Neomobile suggestions to get ahead and impress your company: treasure them!


Step outside your comfort zone – This is the first golden rule. Fear and stress are totally normal, but once you consciously focus on your experience, it isn’t as scary as it seems. Face challenges and fill your gaps looking to improve. You will never get this expertise at University.

Ask, Ask, Ask – Express your willingness to learn: ask for feedback with your supervisor on a regular basis, share your curiosity, ask for more challenges if necessary. Exploit all your chances. Better to be curious than to be passive.

Observe – Get to know the corporate communication and culture and how decisions are made by considering every detail. Observation is a great method and it will help you also learn from others.

Say ‘Thank you’ – During the internship or at the end of it, say thank you to those who helped or are helping you. Be sincere, because no matter what job experience, it always makes a good impression. Say it, write a note, give a small treat or simply offer your help in exchange. It’s good manners!

Learn from mistakes – We are all human. Errors are fundamental and they mean you are really focused on working (the one who doesn’t make mistakes is not challenging himself!). Take responsibility and ask for advice. It will be surely appreciated.

Don’t compare yourself to others – Each person has his own strengths, weaknesses, and job experiences. Be conscious of your possibilities and focus on your individual growth.

Be professional – Be on time and take your assignments seriously. Respect and discipline are two key success factors. Show your personality but keep an appropriate attitude and a positive and consistent image (on your personal social networks too!). Gain trust and let your reputation be your calling card.

Keep Up – Read insights and keep up on industry trends. Learn as much as you can, because continuous learning is the thread that leads to your future. Use lots of individual initiative and the next best thing may come from one of your contributions!

Socialize – Each company has its own social climate, so join your co-workers for events or aperitifs. These are the best occasions to get to know them better and learn more about the company culture in a relaxed environment. Feel free to talk about your interests and bond as a group: no black sheep in the family!

Finally, keep in mind that internships end but, even if they turned out as bad experiences, Internships always added richness, and hard work never goes unnoticed.