A job is more than a series of activities during an 8+ hour day, it also consists of daily relationships with coworkers and bosses, management of unexpected events, procedures and corporate culture.

It definitely absorbs the majority of your personal time, it only seems logic that it should take some time to evaluate if the company fits for you or not.

Apart from the traditional evaluations (the salary or the contract), there are other important factors to consider. We divided them in three flows: before, during and after the recruitment process.

Have a look at them!

Before the Recruitment Process

Corporate Website & Social Pages

Before a job interview, familiarize yourself with the company and its industry by researching its reports, company websites, and external sources of information.

Nowadays, social platforms have a great market power, so it’s needless to say that they improve the company’s engagement and consistency. For this reason, if you’re looking for any type of information about a company, the official website and social networks (if any, of course!) will be the first sources – they must be flawless!

Mission – Vision – Values

Together, these essential elements describe why the company exists, who they are and what they intend to do. They distinguish a company and can give employees as well as candidates a set of directions that should not be underestimated. Being as clear and sincere as possible is a good communication strategy both for the company and the candidate.


Have your friends or acquaintances ever heard about the company? Where did you find out about it? Forums, conventions, advisories? Check and gather all the buzzwords, and pay attention to word of mouth about it. Find out what everyone’s saying about it!

During the Recruitment Process


Once you apply, it’s time for the job interview. First impressions say a lot about a company, and there are no second opportunities to make it!

HR professionals should know how to conduct a job interview, how to welcome and approach the candidate, plan where the job interview takes place, and know what kind of information is good to share. Every detail shows a bit more about a company’s culture.

In addition, if during the interview there are also peers, consider it as a bonus: they may unveil a little bit more about the whole environment.


Receiving prompt and clear feedback before, during and after a recruitment process is definitely a sign of respect and professionalism, and is highly appreciated. “Do what you say you’ll do” goes both ways, for the company and the candidate.

A Company’s Climate

Pay attention to the small details: the building, the reception, the general environment. Just like in real estate, location matters! It’s important for the candidate to see the physical space he/she will be required to work in. Here the focus is the so-called touch & feel effect, or the impact of the whole environment.

Did you arrive early for the interview? Give yourself a chance to meet new people inside the building or to make eye contact with possible colleagues in the waiting area. Treasure every single aspect, it will be precious for your evaluation.

After the Recruitment Process


Were your job interviews successful? Time to accept or refuse the offer! Perks are another powerful pro that may really influence your choice. Some companies can’t talk about benefits until the job offer is extended, still there’s no harm in asking. Neomobile shows them indeed, so take a look at our official employee benefits page just to get some clues!

Apart from financial benefits, there are many others that also consider a candidate’s  professional development and the work life balance. For example, at Neomobile we offer job and country rotations, or valuable training&development sessions for our employees, as well as flextime.


Last but not least, the final questions: do you really consider that you and your role in the company will bring value above and beyond the job description? Do you see yourself in the company’s big picture? What do you really want? Consider these type of questions to self-assess and challenge yourself.

Now don’t forget to check our vacancies and introduce yourself to Neomobile: we are waiting for you too!