Social media is a powerful tool for reputation, communication and awareness, both for brands and for companies, and it is also very important to HR function for several reasons: recruitment, employer branding and networking

The very first rule? Always choose the best social platform according to the goal. Social media requires discipline, a constant and unique storytelling that can make or break your success. Find below Neomobile’s experts’ tips for your best HR social media strategy!

Plan your content

The well-known saying states that content is king. In fact it’s important to have a clear vision about what you want to communicate and achieve. Plan ahead your social media content (choose a weekly or monthly planning), and vary your posts: job offers, company’s focus, colleagues’ feedbacks and so on. Don’t forget to re-share others contents to enrich your network. Ps. Video format is the thing now!

Coordinate the different channels

Since there are plenty of social media options to choose from, select the ones that fit with your company, and think about who you want to attract. LinkedIn for candidates, Facebook for younger leads, Glassdoor to listen and reply to anonymous employees feedbacks, and so on.

And remember: the messages on different channels have to be always coherent with the corporate identity!

Be authentic

Social media audiences and topics are a mare magnum. How to stand out? Simply sharing valuable and genuine content and having a congruent, constructive and respectful opinion. In this way you will be connected to other HR professionals or people with similar interests. Watch out, self-promoting behavior is viewed negatively so don’t overshare!


Engage your colleagues

A dedicated social media team in the company is surely easier to reach the best social media strategy, but, in parallel, in the latest years a new trend is catching on: since the boundaries between internal and external communications become blurring, communication opened to new protagonists.

People want to do business with someone they know, and want to get the real sense of what you communicate and live, so employees can help suggest and amplify ideas because they will always be perceived as more genuine and less ‘propaganda’. Real stories are better than good stories! (btw, check Neomobilers’ ones!)


What are people saying about you on the social web? Listening opens the doors of social reputation and, if actively taken into consideration, it helps you improve.

Find the communities and groups that match for your interest and have a look at the conversations, the Q&A, the discussed topics and the areas of interest. Hashtag are very useful to go with the flow and ride the wave too!


Measuring the return on your social media investment is key, but don’t do it for the sake of metrics. Instead, measure so that you can learn what’s successful and what’s not. Again, set the social media goals: how many CV received, how many clicks, how many good profiles, sharing rate etc., and track the activities with dedicated tools: Hootsuite, Google Analytics, SproutSocial or Buffer,to name just a few.

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