5 Ways to Spot the Perfect Job Post

How to spot fake job posts
How to spot fake job posts

Nowadays, the job market is a jungle. Every day is a different experience for the unemployed, and every job seeker wants to stand out, waiting for the right opportunity to come around.

On the other hand, writing a good job post is a critical step in almost every hiring process. So, in an ocean full of job posts, how can you spot the perfect one?

Below, we give you some essential tips so you can learn a bit more on how to identify a good job opportunities and avoid scams.

Is the job real?

The source is obviously the first element to consider while applying or accepting a job interview. Distrust job posts published on tricky websites or unspecialized portals. In any case, if you found a job on a recruitment platform, remember to double check the corporate website for the company you are focusing on.

Know the company’s culture

A good job post should showcase the company in order to make it stand out from others. It should explain its culture or at least its business. They should make you want to work with the brand or company. Does the company offer any compensation in terms of pay or other benefits? Do their interns usually get offered a job after their internship? These are all important criteria to research when looking for an internship. Try to avoid post by “reserved or confidential companies” that don’t give you any details about the position.

Examine the job post

A proper job post should be descriptive and include many details: an appealing title, the job title, the job description, the languages or skills needed and so on. In the end the reader needs to understand as much as they can about the position before contacting the company. Generic job offers, that explain nothing, are not useful.

Avoid Discrimination

Given that every single detail counts, pay attention to every element, because it says a lot about a company! In any case, discriminatory details included in the job offer (age, sex, religion, political beliefs etc) are illegal, so make sure you check clauses in your work contract before signing it. They should not show contradiction in terms. i.e. an internship to cover maternity leave…No way!

The investment

The investment goes both ways. You invest for some professional experience and a company should invest to test your skills and see if you are a good fit for the company. In theory every job enriches you in some way, but no job posts, from permanent positions to internships, should ever request money or additional costs from you before starting or while working.

A good company will recognize and compensate your hard work sooner or later. Neomobile is a pro when it comes to internships. All of our interns are given paid compensation and receive company benefits like local discounts, meal tickets, flex hours, a company smartphone and laptop. Read more about how almost 100% of our interns get hired after their 6 month internship!


In the end, it can be hard to tell if a job is legitimate, but we are pretty sure that at Neomobile we not only post proper job offers, we believe in your potential! 

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