Think about the power of viral videos. Younger audiences watch less television than previous generations and favor videos on YouTube.

They can start buzz and build up a company brand in a few hours. The more entertaining and original, the more chances they’ll go viral, so consider their high potential!

They cover all sorts of areas, from adventure to tutorials, interviews, shows and sport matches…office life included, because fun at work is also possible and recordable!

Have a look at our favorite viral office videos below, and enjoy them at the beach under an umbrella! They’re sure to make your day!

GoPro, baby!

Turning a boring day into an exciting flow with a GoPro? YES! The following video is composed of shots of an employee stapling, removing staples, photocopying, stuffing envelopes, and so on – not a super cool activity, true: “I wore my GoPro to work one day and decided to edit the footage to the style of a GoPro commercial“, he said. Guess it gained more appeal, right?

An original narrative cork board

The next video is about office supplies coming to life and telling their super viral story: look how push pins, rubber bands and a cork board turn interesting! Thumbs up for the creativity!

Sing, sing, sing

A lip dub is a type of video that combines lip synching and audio dubbing to make a music video: here you will find an Hilarious lip dub video of the “The Office” crew (an English tv series) dancing to “Nobody but Me” (by Human Beinz). Ça va sans dire, it’s set in an office!

Tricks & Job interviews

In this funny promotional video by LG, you will check the reactions of some unsuspecting job candidates who are tricked into believing they’re about to experience a nuclear holocaust or something like that. “Ultra Reality” is their pay-off!

Let me see you move…

What will your people do when the network goes down?” this is the prologue of the video below where employees have fun at office all together, between dance and contortion!

Neomobile is fun and engaging too! Have a look at our diy short movie…Some of our Neomobilers are also actors, film writers and producers! Want to join us? Apply  here now. Enjoy your summer! See you soon!