Summertime in the office: 5 Tips to Enhance the Holiday Feeling


Summertime in the office: 5 Tips to Enhance the Holiday Feeling

The heat of summer is on, and being glued to the office 8 hours a day might become tough. Nonetheless, it’s hard to remain efficient while the holiday feeling pervades our minds, especially when you’re an intern with no vacation planned or when your holidays are still a few weeks away.

How can you turn your stressful summer work life into productive days and make the most out of pre-holiday time? What can you do to stay in shape and be ready to go on holiday? Check the ultimate tips for surviving in the office as well as preparing for it! Spread your holiday feeling and make it last!

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Want to relax and enjoy your vacation without switching off your phone and disappearing completely? The key is to anticipate your work as much as possible and organize your work flow efficiently. For example, make a plan for upcoming activities or fulfill and start working on your work forecasts. Furthermore, align your work with your team mates, that way you’ll avoid last minute surprises. Leaving everything to the last minute isn’t the proper thing to do to welcome your summer holidays!

Detox & Exercise:

This is the time when we start noticing every ounce of fat in excess, so the very first exercise of every so-called sporty employee should be using the stairs instead of the elevator. And why don’t you try to do smart exercises at your desk, starting with a proper sitting posture, or doing simple stretching exercises? You can also rely on mobile apps like MiCoach, which helps you stay fit, or Water your body that reminds you to drink water every day and tracks your water drinking habits. Make sure you always have a bottle by your side (and water refilling is a great exercise too!). Make sure to eat healthy food (have a look at our practical ideas for your meal!). If you make good use of summertime’s fresh products and centrifuges, you’ll see that energy attracts energy!

Flex time:

When your company offers flexible time as a benefit, like in Neomobile, take advantage of it. Try to be at work early in the morning so you can get out early in the afternoon and take your time to run errands, attend language classes or simply enjoy your free time. Getting organized and having more time can reduce stress and improve your concentration at work and on your plans.

360° preparation:

During your daily activities, be enthusiastic about your dreamy destination and wherever your holiday destination may be, take time to organize before you travel, even during your breaks in the office. For instance, prepare yourself linguistically and if needed, culturally: the best way to do so is with a native speaker of the country you want to visit, and in an international company like Neomobile it’s easy to communicate and find information from foreign colleagues through Skype calls. Ask for hidden treasures, travel tips or simply practice your language!

Scheduled Breaks:

While weather forecasts are mainly favorable, try to maximize your relations and boost your team spirit by organizing outdoor breaks: socialize with co-workers and participate in local environmental activities. For example, have an iced coffee after work or a picnic in a nearby park: a kind of office recreation, dreaming of a vacation without being on it!

As a jolly tip, remember to set up an Out of Office Auto-Reply on your e mail account: facilitate your colleagues’ job and working communications, and leave without any worry!

In the end, you won’t have to wait for days off to have that holiday feeling and you’ll always be excited and ready to relax!

What about you? Any suggestions to prepare for the summer? Share them with us here and on our social networks (twitter & facebook)!