Neomobile’s 5 New Year’s resolutions to start using right now at the office.

A New Year’s resolution is a tradition in which a person makes a promise to make an act of self-improvement, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be life-changing, but rather easy. Work, family, company, attitudes – everything can be included in a New Year’s Resolution. Like the old saying confirms, you always have time for your priorities – the question is, which ones? What is your long or short-term focus this year?

We are happy to present some of our favorite suggestions for 2015, just in case you need some!

1. Manage Time & Set Priorities

We lead busy lives, so setting your time according to the right priorities is vital. In this sense, review your goals and evaluate your skills, and find a training session or an organization that can help you develop them. You can also learn directly from a boss or colleague that masters these skills you seek. Project management tools are also central. For instance, have a look at Trello or an easy Action Priority Matrix: make the most of your time, energy, and talent.

2. Foster Quality Time

In theory everyone considers quality time a no-brainer, but it’s often taken for granted. In fact, many work environments don’t foster this choice because of their business, work schedules or maybe even because of having a strict boss. Take 2015 as your decisive year to balance your lifestyle. Take some time for personal development and strive to give your family, friends and interests more attention. At Neomobile, flextime nurtures this concept and helps our colleagues manage their time well.

3. Enlighten Yourself with a Green Attitude

Trends apart, a green attitude is supposed to be everyone’s New Year resolution: from daily work to corporate procedures, green contributions become  a little more important each day. For example, re-use and recycle office materials (propose dedicated chancellery corners in your office), or launch corporate gardens (from garden sites to vertical gardening) that are also a good sustainable strategy. The community needs more self-responsible consciousness!

4. Embrace Change

Take a step back and evaluate yourself in the big picture. How do you see yourself now? Are you growing? Successful companies don’t become comfortable and stop changing. That’s why Neomobile always highlights the importance of stepping outside your comfort zone. You can’t make any change if you’re in a bad place, surrounded by an unproductive environment or if you feel you have no trigger. So avoid sticking around, get into a good state of mind first and go ahead. In any case, continuous learning is the main key to success. (you will increase your market value too!).

5. Update Your Social Presence

Social media platforms are, in some ways, complex and constantly changing. The best advice to boost your social accounts, is to focus on personalization, consistency & frequency. Find the information that would help your potential reader: interesting skills and valuable job experiences on LinkedIn (you are on LinkedIn, right?) or short tweets and hashtags for Twitter. Use every social network properly and coherently, and try to update them as much as you can. Have a look at your resume, too!

Are these 5 resolutions for the office exciting enough? Did we miss any? Start using theses office resolutions today for a more productive year!

Happy New Year everybody!