Ladies and gentleman, summer is upon us! This is the time when companies usually plan office parties to enjoy the warm season and relax with their colleagues in a fun atmosphere.

If your company is about to organize an office party to reward and celebrate colleagues and their work, there are a few things to keep in mind. Given our long-time expertise, we gathered some tips to make a superb corporate party! Happy celebrating!


When you decide to have an event, everything matters. Take note below:

  • Decide the designated task force early, so its members can assign themselves portions of the event and start working;
  • Set a preliminary budget by determining the costs for food, entertainment, room rental, invitations and any other additions. In order to better calculate, know your audience by leveraging the event registration platforms like Meetup (if open events) or Google Forms (to keep it private);
  • Make a to-do list timeline to cover and track all the aspects (by the way, send many and different reminders – no extreme push, of course! – to boost the overall attendance)


Why not open up a discussion forum and let colleagues share their thoughts and ideas for content before the event is held? There are a number of online tools that will allow you to collaborate with registrants around sessions and topics, or just go for the dear old word of mouth. Feel free to give participants the opportunity to invite friends or colleagues that they believe might be interested, even former employees and alumni! Networking is a powerful tool!


Rule n.1, come up with an appropriate and funny theme, and there are millions of useful links and ideas out there (Pinterest will be your best fellow). Ask your internal creative professionals to collaborate, and if you deal with low budget you can easily involve your fellows also as djs, or even organize your internal concert, show or jam session! Rock on!


Social networks are now fundamental and they can really add impact and get people talking. So get your potential attendees interacting with you early on, pick a hashtag for your event (shorter the better), so attendees and remote watchers can monitor on Twitter or Periscope… Furthermore, ask employees to take photos or videos of the event by themselves (or contact an official photographer) and then go social! Visitors love to see faces, details and venues!

In the end be ready for our upcoming summer event…send your CV, and you may be on board and attend the next Neomobile’s aperitif!