The 3 Different Perspectives Behind Good Management


3 Types of Good Management that Neomobile Follows

As you may know reading our blogs and sites, Neomobile identifies its uniqueness through seven core beliefs that every employee carries out, represents and communicates in his everyday activities.

After our insight on passion, the first of them because it’s the basis of our business, now we want you to approach with what good management means in Neomobile, according to three points of view: the manager one, the company one and the personal one.

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Neomobile Company Values Icons
Neomobile Company Values Icons 

Level 1 – The manager’s side: right experiences & best practices

First of all, we don’t give the ‘good management’ concept for granted because it involves many aspects. As stated by a common definition, management is

      Management [man-ij-muhnt], nounThe organization and coordination of the activities of a business in order to achieve defined objectives. (Business dictionary)

From a general perspective, a good manager isn’t focused only on managing people, because his work includes the management of other factors, such as:

  • Projects
  • Time
  • The relationship with colleagues and team members
  • Risks and opportunities

So, the success of any business and the departure point for a good working environment depends heavily on the effectiveness of its managers who need to make the right decisions, ensure the business is able to exploit any opportunities, and protect the business by anticipating and acting against any threats.  They should be the best examples of good management, and following their work and asking to share their experiences or tricks could be very useful.

Mintzberg, the renowned academic and author on business and management, set a clear direction of how a manager should be, drawing up a list of his supposed fifty-two qualities including courage, commitment, reflection, insightfulness, motivation, ambition and charisma. 

In this regard, we asked some of Neomobile’s managers to explain what good management means in their perspective, and one of them replied exactly “…being consistent, an example, praise and give good examples to all”. Checking another feedback we found out that “Good management means to support your resources, asking them feedback and grow together with them. Understand always if they are facing problems and give the instrument to solve them and go ahead.

Furthermore, given that Neomobile’s talents are persons that are always interested in facing new challenges, a good management is understandably vital. “I try to understand better the potential of our resources: staff meeting, coffee breaks, lunch, travels, new tasks are occasions to discover our resources”.

Level 2 – The  right tools’ side: not only training

It’s clear that not everybody is born a natural manager, and sometimes it takes years to develop the right balance between the qualities mentioned before, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t learn how to be a manager (or at least try to be a good one). The problem is to provide and use the specific instruments and channels that a so-named company should offer.

In Neomobile, the day that one of our employees becomes a manager we ensure that he has all the necessary skills to carry out this position through a specific training. This training is dedicated to those who are going to manage people, in order to be aware of the main policies and processes.

As far as personal management of general activities, Neomobile also organizes training sessions that focus on strengthening soft&hard skills: this includes technical courses, language courses and even the opportunity to participate at Events and Conferences that are related to the mobile environment.

Have you checked one of our past training courses? It’s an outdoor session! Click here and have a look!

But do not wait on the company’s initiative only: don’t hesitate to start learning on your own! You can check several specialized websites and apps that give you a wide range of tips and tricks, ensuring that you can learn something new on a daily basis. Here’s something regarding time management & project management, or simply how the get the most out of Outlook.

Level 3: The personal side – the bottom-up approach 

In a working environment, traditional leadership is top-down, but an organization must empower its employees to take an active role in their development.

We invite you to think out of the box and look at yourself firstly: do your bit for the environment, for example becoming a manager of yourself.

Focus on prioritizing your tasks, balancing your effort, keeping track of your progress, and asking for feedbacks.

If you act this way, you’ll realize that you can also manage your boss, working together with him in a more efficient way. This technique is known as managing up. provides some interesting tips on how you can manage your boss:

  • Try to understand your boss’s priorities and agenda: putting yourself in your boss’s shoes, can help you to have a view of “the bigger picture”
  • Find out what your boss’s strengths and weaknesses are: offering assistance in specific activities, will not only free up their time but it also helps you build a good rapport with them.
  • Find out what your boss prefers: find out what working style (f.e. meetings, reports, mails etc) your boss prefers. Matching your working style this way can help you avoid clashes or differences in opinion.
  • Always be honest and loyal: Even if you don’t always agree with your boss, it’s important for the sake of your team that you back them in their decisions.
  • Work together towards goals: Make sure you talk to them about where you envision yourself going – both in the short and long term, and ask for their help.

Eventually, in your opinion, is good management innate or can it be developed by intent?

What do you think about our suggestions?