2014 Change & Innovation Lab Event


Discover the latest Neomobile Change & Innovation Lab, an outdoor session that took place on September 12th and 13th at Circeo, a beautiful Italian town on the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Whether you like it or not, change is the law of life and business. Since 2008 our Top Management gathers with Neomobile Directors and Senior Managers once a year to share results and strategies. For the first time this edition evolved in itself: it has been renamed to ‘Change & Innovation Lab’, while previously it was called Innovation Lab.

In fact, unlike the previous events the final objective was to deeply understand business and corporate changes, share innovative methods and know how to adapt them to our daily business life. As our HR Sr Manager Enrica Lipari underlined, “our company – both business and organization – changes in parallel with our industry, like a chameleon, and it’s extremely important to understand and share our trends and reasons why.” 

Neomobile decides to stay up to date: change is not a bad symptom, it’s a betting win.

26 participants from our offices worldwide joined the two-day event, guided through a series of activities by CESIM, a Finnish educational technology company, and our corporate coach. The activities alternated between business simulation games, testimonies, an award ceremony and many debriefs – and there was also enough time to celebrate one of our participant’s birthday!

In detail, the first day included a flight simulation as the metaphor of change: the participants had to face an emergency situation and, without any notice, adopt the role of co-pilot. Throughout the exercise, they were monitored by a real civilian pilot who gave feedbacks and impressive suggestions after their experience. In the afternoon, our colleagues were also challenged in advertising. They were divided in 4 groups and had to invent and film 4 different business storyboards, creating a proper movie environment (outfits included!) and playing as actors/producers/directors. Their result was 4 different 30” corporate spots.

This year the Change & Innovation lab had some special guests, the 2 winners of our Talents Outdoor Event.

Carlo Pelliccia, one of the winners, had great expectations:

I didn’t know exactly what to expect. I heard voices and saw pictures of previous editions, I asked also info to senior colleagues who joined the event in the previous years: some of them really tried to scare me about that, but in reality I found it very interesting and enjoyable. Two days of intensive team building, knowledge sharing and feedback collecting, with a lot of funny moments!

Enrica explained also that “all the people involved in it demonstrated how extraordinary they are. This training has been softer, approaching business in an innovative and emotional way: Neomobilers really felt part of the game, they seemed emotionally in tune with each other and with our business. A real best practice event.”