Finding a job is a job itself, and there are plenty of elements that come into play in the job seek: skills, attitudes, timing, but also luck

Let’s focus on the job interview: unexpected or bizarre questions can throw any interviewee off, so be prepared and check out some of the strangest and crazy questions from real job interviews, organized in 4 areas and gathered from our HR partners and Neomobile’s professionals. Are you ready?

Promise us this: keep calm and don’t panic!

  • Try to guess…

The following inputs are not based on rational approach, the exact answer may not be the main goal. In fact, they aim to know how you mind works, how you solve a problems. You have only few minutes to show your smartness!

How much water there is in the Mediterranean Sea?

How many balls can a Boeing contain?

How many filling stations are there in Italy?


  • Life style

The following topics related to attitudes or choices that may unveil your behavior. You must find an answer that emphasizes your strengths and personality, and that is relevant to the job for which you are applying.

Why do you touch your beard?

Fancy working in flip-flops?

Do you prefer working in an office or in a car on the road?

What was the last CD that you bought?


  • Existentialism

These interrogations are related to personal lifestyle preferences, which is honestly not so politically correct. The key is to answer without irritation, highlighting your work ethic.

You haven’t followed your father’s professional steps: are you frustrated about it?

Have you ever had problems working with a male boss?


  • Nonsense

A.k.a. are you kidding me? The interviewer wants to gain insight into your personality, passion and motivation by asking questions like these. Whatever your answer is, be sure to explain the reasons why!

What’s your favorite excel formula?

What’s the stress in your opinion?

Last but not least…the trickiest of them all…

Do you know someone who may do this job you applied for better than yourself?


Finally, according to our experience the best way to impress in a job interview is showing an updated and original CV: check our tips & apply now…many vacancies are waiting for you!