10 Ways to Make or Break Your CV

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Once in a while you will hear a scream coming from our HR office in Neomobile “No way, look at this one!” This phrase is usually followed by hysteric laughter and a series of face palms.

The source? Most probably a Curriculum Vitae or Resume that is miles away from where it should be.


We laugh when we should be crying because the harsh truth is that there are still many people out there who have no clue how to prepare a CV or resumè without neglecting important details.

The CV, often being our first impression of a candidate, can already tell us a lot about the person: their attention to detail, personal presentation, their self-image, or even their true interest in the job.

You might lose some points in these first precious seconds, and we all want to avoid that, don’t we?

That’s why we want to give you some tips from our HR partners – all from personal experience – that will help you pass the Neomobile (or any other) filter.

5 ways to mess up your CV


Are you seriously using a picture from 8 years ago? With a glass of wine in your hand or the arm of your friend that is embracing you for a group picture? Don´t get me started on the use of Instagram filters. The rule here is to use a decent picture or no picture at all.

Do yourself a favor and get some nice pictures taken; you never know what they might be useful for… aside from being a picture for your CV, of course. And by nice we don’t necessarily mean jacket and tie, just a well-coordinated outfit will do the trick.

Contact details

Kitty1967@fun.yay…  We’re all very nostalgic about that first email account that we opened so many years ago, but if you actually want us to contact you, maybe you need to accept that it’s time to open a new e-mail account for professional correspondence: name.surname@etc…, simple.

Oh and don’t get us started on links to your profile on Facebook. If you want to add a link that tells us more about yourself, then provide your personal blog or your online portfolio, but…not to Facebook.

Grammar & vocabulary

Needless to say, you’ll have to run a spell check not once, not twice, but 3 times. And even then, let someone else read it.

And please do reflect on the use of vocabulary. It’s not the 50’s anymore, so using vague clichés like ‘team player’ or ‘looking for a professional growth’ and certain levels of formality just don’t work anymore. That also goes for humor: it’s not a bad thing that your CV might be funny, but don’t make it hilarious because of exaggerated expressions or stupid mistakes.


Too simple, or too full, different fonts & sizes, recycled templates…it all shows that you have little eye for detail and little or no experience with Microsoft Office, an essential tool in many companies.

Speaking of Office, saving and sending your file as a Word document, are you kidding? Especially when it even highlights your writing errors that you left in the document. PDF 4-ever!

Too long!

You do realize that no one is going to read your boss’ recommendation from 2007 located on the 5th page, right? On average, your CV will be in the hands of HR for about 20secs, if you haven’t made a great impact by then, well then you threw your chance out the window.

5 Qualities Neomobile Loves in a CV

Alternative desired positions

When applying for a job, not only is it useful to add the job title or job ad number that you’re applying for, but also add other fields of interest. Maybe you might not be the right person for the open position but you could be taken into consideration for another one!


The reality is that you should adapt your CV and introduction letter to every single company that you contact. It might require an increased effort but you are definitely increasing your chances of creating retention of your profile. Plus, the more original it is, the better!

Personal interest in the business

What is the latest app that you have installed? If you want to work in a company like Neomobile, but you replied that you don’t even have a smartphone, then you just lost a point. Even if it is for a finance position, it simply shows that you might be less interested to work in that industry.  And this goes for all the companies and industries out there. Always indicate which interests you and the company have in common.

Experience abroad

Did you work as a waitress in a small town in Texas, as a volunteer in Asia or as a fruit picker Down Under? While for many companies these experiences might not add any value, this is exactly what Neomobile is looking for. It doesn’t matter what you did, but the fact that you DID it shows that you have initiative, that you have an urge to learn new things and maybe even have a sense for adventure. Yep, that’s the kind of people we like.

Always bring it with you!

Make sure that you carry several copies with you, preferably in English (you can never go wrong with an English version) especially if you should attend a job fair. Even if you should have an appointment, companies might not have had the time to print it.

This is a world full of surprises, so why not keep a digital version online, or even a website? That way you could simply hand a ‘cv’ business card with the link, because in the end, you never know where you might get to know your future employer, even in line in the supermarket or next to you on the plane! (the plane story really happened by the way!)